June 7, 2023


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Zoning subcommittee opinions ordinance amendments regarding exotic animals and distinctive occasion venues | Neighborhood Information

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The Unified Land Improvement Code subcommittee met up Thursday to appear at the latest polices on passion farms and specific celebration venues and speak about possible modifications.

When discussing hobby farms and wildlife parks and zoos, subcommittee associates talked about what exotic animals could be allowed in Floyd County and what necessities the operator would have to fulfill to permit a particular use permit.

Associates gave illustrations of bison, camels and zebras that could be allowed in the suitable instances.

The most important worry for the subcommittee associates has been people requesting authorization to have substantial carnivores or venomous snakes.

Senior Planner Brice Wooden explained that immediately after the Netflix series “Tiger King” aired, the arranging division bought various phone calls from men and women inquiring what permit they would require to have a substantial cat or carnivore.

Feral pigs are another animal the subcommittee associates showed issue about, considering the fact that they tend to root and dig up yards if they get free.

Prospective homeowners would very first need to have the suitable permits from the Ga Office of Natural Means.

They’d also have to satisfy the local zoning prerequisites, such as possessing all over 30,000 sq. feet of land for the animal to roam.

Officers claimed the only way a man or woman in Floyd County could have these animals would be if they experienced a allow for a wildlife park or zoo.

The subcommittee also talked over the appropriate quantity of acreage that must be needed for a unique celebration location. Wood claimed that the normal whole lot dimensions for event venues in the county, excluding the venues on the Berry College or university campus, is about 15 acres. That is the recent established necessity for specific celebration venues in the ULDC.

The subcommittee associates made the decision to suggest minimizing the minimum dimensions to 10 acres, which would allow for additional party venues to get permits in the county.

The proposed ordinance amendments will be brought in advance of the preparing fee on Oct. 1 for a recommendation and then go to the Floyd County Fee for a remaining vote in late October.