February 2, 2023


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Why GPS Tracking is Important when Hiring a Dog Walker

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If you’re a pup parent who’s hunting for a expert puppy walker, it’s greatest to guarantee the walkers you job interview present GPS monitoring as component of their provider. Specifically these times, it is simple to present GPS-monitoring, considering the fact that most smartphones track your walking or working routes with the contact of a button.

If you’re like most puppy entrepreneurs, then you see your pups as more than just pets they are definitely a section of the family. With that caring mentality, it’s the natural way tough to have confidence in another person strolling your pup, even if it is only for 30 minutes.

What is far more – if someone’s strolling your pup, how do you know they’ve basically walked for 30 minutes, fairly than just heading to Starbucks and getting a patio espresso? GPS-tracking can be the conserving grace there is included consolation, due to the fact you know the place your puppy walked, and there is proof that the pet going for walks company was seriously fulfilled.

This post will sniff close to the advantages of GPS-tracked pet dog walks, ranging from the peace of intellect it makes and the additional levels of protection it provides. Very before long, you are going to ponder how you’d ever employ the service of a dog walker devoid of GPS-monitoring!

5 Benefits of Working with GPS-Tracking for Canine Walks

1. Peace of Mind When Hiring a Walker

Peace of Mind When Hiring a Walker

Are you a hectic pup dad or mum wanting to retain the services of a dog walker, but much too fearful about worst-scenario scenarios? In particular if you have obtained a rambunctious puppy dog or nervous puppy, it could be nerve-wracking more than enough to go away your pup alone outside the house, enable by yourself leave your canine with a new pet dog walker.

In these instances, acquiring GPS-monitoring studies of your pet walks can make the canine strolling a kibble-bit significantly less nerve-wracking. 

For illustration, what if your doggy walker normally takes your pup nearby a fast paced park when you know your dog prefers tranquil areas? With GPS-tracked walks, you can present feed-back to your walker, permitting them know the proper paths to take on their next stroll.

On top of that, with apps this sort of as Place or Rover, genuine-time GPS-tracked walks are provided. This provides peace of intellect due to the fact you know the precise whereabouts of your puppy at all occasions. Moreover, with your pet walker’s contact info, you’ll in no way be a lot more than a phone phone away from recognizing how your pup is undertaking at all moments.

Of study course, irrespective of whether it is you, a spouse and children member, or your pet dog walker going for walks your puppy, it’s difficult to promise peace of mind (if not it’s most effective to just hang out indoors), but GPS monitoring goes a extensive way in making the course of action more comfortable.

2. Less Probability of Working Away

Less Chance of Running Away

Your doggy can also don a GPS tracker on his or her collar, providing an added layer of protection in case your canine runs into the bushes immediately after a rabbit.

When pups are outside the house, the ranges of danger are two times as significant. This is even truer for untrained pups with tons of pent-up power to release. Unfamiliar stimuli are primarily to blame from other human beings to other canine, automobiles, or squirrels, you hardly ever know when a puppy could possibly bolt to regardless of what piques their interest, ripping the leash away from your grip.

Nearly all pet owners, even the most protective of pup house owners, have likely confronted a time when their canine enthusiastically darts off into the bushes, chasing a smaller animal.

In a circumstance like this, having a GPS-tracker on their collar can be the best antidote to this worst-circumstance circumstance if you really have difficulties finding your canine, the GPS-tracker makes it so you don’t have to wander aimlessly exploring for your pup. It is much easier for you, or your walker, and safer for your puppy. 

3. Provides Beneficial Potty Reviews

Provides Helpful Potty Reports

Just one helpful facet of GPS-tracked doggy walks is how you can preserve track of the destinations of your dog’s poop and pee.

Whether or not it is for your pup’s overall health, or just so you know your doggy will not require to go out in the middle of the evening, these GPS-tracked markers can be a useful device.

For example, with pet dog going for walks apps this kind of as Rover or Location, potty studies are unexpectedly what some customers uncover the most fascinating.

In truth, one Spot dog operator, Maria, figured out her puppy was unwell by tracking these GPS-tracked potty report markers “on all of my pup’s walks, she had absent #2, but I realized two walks in a row she hadn’t.

Upon having her to the vet, I realized she was acquiring a bout of constipation & was approved the appropriate medication.”

Undoubtedly, obtaining a log of your dog’s GPS-tracked potty stories won’t automatically be nearly anything you are going to frame on the partitions, but it’s a awesome bonus characteristic of today’s fashionable tracking engineering.

4. Find New Dog Going for walks Routes

Discover New Dog Walking Routes

By GPS-tracking your walks with your doggy, you could possibly truly feel compelled to examine new routes. Trying different walking pathways, you may well obtain a superior knowledge of your neighborhood, and your pet will undoubtedly love sniffing new dogs, indication-posts, and grassy spots.

For illustration, you could possibly GPS-monitor your pet walks this summer, only to look back on them and realize each stroll was the very same route! It would almost be like flipping by way of a photo album with the similar image on every webpage.

Obtaining this all tracked on your telephone, you may well come to feel determined to research for distinctive parks & pathways all-around you undoubtedly, your dog would be incredibly appreciative of that as well.

Have you at any time observed that, by staring at a Google Maps see of your community, you realized that what you thought was a dead-conclusion really looped all over and designed for a excellent pathway?

By making use of GPS-tracking, you will possibly (in excess of time) fully grasp your surroundings far better, and discover much more efficient routes with each and every pet dog wander.

5. Evidence of providers

Proof of services

If you are chaotic and choose to seek the services of a canine walker, it is unquestionably your appropriate to know if the companies you have compensated for are getting fulfilled. No issue how sort your walker is, it is not impolite to request for proof of the done company it is similar to asking for a receipt at the grocery shop.

Almost all puppy going for walks firms present pics, videos, and “report cards” of how your canine behaved, but GPS tracking features the strongest evidence that your pet dog was effectively walked for the agreed-upon time.

A person example is the timeframe. If you use a puppy walker for 1 hour for every working day, although they only wander 47 minutes per day (using the other 13 minutes to sit on a park bench) then very before long you will be losing funds. By asking that the walks are GPS-tracked, these types of issues can be sniffed out.

While the security of your dog should really be your number one particular concern when working with pet dog walking products and services, it is also essential that you’re having your money’s value. From a organization position of look at, getting GPS tracking provides to trustworthiness and customer gratification.


GPS-tracking is a critical facet of pet walking and is turning out to be far more and far more popular among pup mothers and fathers. Whether or not it’s your personal peace of intellect when employing a pet walker, asking for proof of services, or introducing much more basic safety, GPS-monitoring has tons of useful and at times unanticipated gains.

Is GPS-tracking a ought to-have? Most likely not but – but that may improve as much more and far more puppy proprietors request “why not use it?”