May 30, 2023


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What to do about opossum, babies visiting Livermore backyard

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Dear JOAN: A number of a long time ago, I begun feeding an opossum that confirmed up on my back again porch in the middle of winter season hurt, weak and sickly.

She was living below my deck and took kindly to the meals I commenced putting out for her, and she arrived each night hunting for it. Right after a number of weeks she got stronger, her wounds were healing, and she was carrying out a lot greater.

I started off looking at her only sometimes so I give up placing out food stuff, but she has occur back again every single winter considering that, only no extended sickly. I know it’s the similar opossum for the reason that she has very a struggle wound scar at the base of her tail.

Nicely, around Mother’s Day, she showed up with 3 infants. I put a minimal bowl of strawberries and bananas out for her for a appropriate Mother’s Working day celebration, and she and her babies took complete advantage. They are scooting all around on their possess, not driving on her back, so I know they are now understanding to feed them selves.

I’m experience like I should withhold foodstuff now, as I’m fearful the infants will develop into dependent on it and not understand to fend for on their own, but I positive like viewing them via my sliding glass doorway. My cat enjoys Mama Opossum far too and normally alerts me to her arrival.

Just wanting for your affirmation that whilst I’d adore to preserve putting out treats, and watch these very little beauties develop up, it’s not in their very best curiosity.

Lori, Livermore

Dear LORI: Though you surely furnished a kindness to the opossum when you gave her foods, allowing for her to recover from her accidents and get back her toughness and most probably preserving her daily life, it’s commonly not a excellent strategy to actively feed wildlife.

For one particular, it’s towards the law. For an additional, it can guide to problems for the animal. Not everyone is joyful to have wildlife in their yards, and they may acquire drastic measures if the opossum visits their back again porch.

That explained, we generally inadvertently deliver foods for wildlife, when they stop by our vegetable gardens and fruit trees. We did not plant those gardens and orchards for them, but we are feeding them even so.

I do not think placing out a handful of treats on occasion will continue to keep the joeys from learning how to forage on their own, as long as you are not attempting to feed by hand, which I know you aren’t. But it would be ideal to end and permit Mama Opossum cope with the feeding obligations.

Dear JOAN: We observed a nest of eggs on the ground. We have no strategy who they belong to, and we’re hoping you could identify the owner of the nest. They are tan with darker brown splashes.

Marty B, Brentwood