June 3, 2023


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What Animals Require an Unusual Pets Vet?

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Many people around the world have pets of all shapes, sizes, breeds and species. The most common are obviously dogs and cats. Although there are an extraordinary number of different dog breeds, you will not require the services of a exotic veterinarian, even if you have a breed such as a dog with a small amount of wolf in their ancestry. The same goes for domestic cats that have been bred with wild cats to create exotic breeds that are legal to keep as pets. The types of pets that would require a visit to an exotic veterinarian are less common pets such as birds, reptiles, amphibians, arachnids and insects. In this article we will touch on each of these and some things you can do to make sure that the only reason you make a trip to the vet is a scheduled appointment for a check up.

Birds and How To Keep Them

Birds are certainly an amazing animal to keep as your life companion, but they require the right enclosure, a lot of attention, training, toys and environment to live their best life. You want to avoid anything that would not naturally occur in their environment if they were wild. They need items in their enclosure that will make sure their beak, feet and claw health is at its best. Natural wood for their perch is highly recommended, this ensures that their feet have plenty of uneven spaces to grip and they can work out their beak and claws on the bark. Rounded dowels are terrible for the birds foot health – contrary to popular belief it is extremely uncomfortable for your bird to be on a round perch. As with any animal it is important to clean their cage daily to avoid unnecessary visits to the unusual pets vet.

Reptiles and Amphibians

Reptiles are very different from mammals in more ways than just their appearance. They have to regulate their own body temperature via the environment. If they do not have the proper areas within their enclosure to both warm and cool themselves, they will die. They need ample space that is warm, neutral and colder in order to keep their internal temperature stable. Amphibians and most reptiles will require a spacious area with a water body to submerge themselves in at their will. Reptiles and amphibians will require extra attention to their enclosure so they do not get sick and need to see the vet.

Arachnids and Insects

Though a very uncommon choice as a pet, many people do love to keep arachnids and insects as companions. There are probably many reasons for this including the fact that they are extremely quiet and don’t require a lot of interaction in order to survive and thrive. That being said, they still have their needs and should never be kept simply for the wow factor amongst your friends. These animals are not a novelty item and require the same care that a bird, turtle, cat or dog deserves.

In short, make sure that you are ready to take on your animal companion and understand the needs and demands of your life long friend. You want them to be happy and live a long life alongside you without having to make an emergency visit to the veterinarian.