February 2, 2023


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Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm – Gel Ant Farm From Uncle Milton Industries Gets the Thumbs Up

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Deciding to have or get involved in ant farms is one thing, but trying to choose which one to suit your needs and environment can often prove difficult. That is why Uncle Milton Industries came up with the great idea of producing a gel ant farm. This provides an ideal solution and for a multitude of reasons.

The modern day ant farm has not really changed an awful lot since 1931 when they were first created and known as and given the name formicarium. In 1956 they were taken on board by a company called Uncle Milton Industries and mass produced, and even though they are not an everyday massively sort after product Milton Industries has still managed to sell in excess of 20 million to date.

There are a few variations, but all tend to be based on a clear plastic or glass thin rectangle, being clear allows you to view the ants as they go about their everyday activities building cavities and tunnels, which I have to say is pretty amazing to see.

Seeing ants working together as a team and performing various tasks can be a pretty humbling experience, but addictive viewing none the less.

The sand and soil filled formicarium can be a little difficult to see into in some cases due to its consistency making it dark to see the more inner tunnels, but OK for the ones closer to the sides.

This can lead to the owner often shining a bright light into the formicarium which can upset things a bit as ants in their own environment usually carry out their activities in the dark or dim lighting.

There is also the case of feeding and giving them water and while keeping ants is probably one of the cheapest forms of animal keeping they still require some attention.

There is a solution to this and that is Uncle Milton Industries now produce a range of gel filled ones.

The gel ant farm is quite unique in so much as it does not need sand or soil as it is filled with a blue or green gel like formula. Why unique? The formula not only produces great views of the ants as it is clear enough to see through, but is also a food source in itself. The Uncle Milton ant farm has been taken one stage further and they now produce an illuminated gel ant farm which as you can imagine is quite spectacular.

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