December 1, 2022


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Udupi: Unique thought to save pets – Blood bank for domestic animals

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Daijiworld Media Network – Udupi (MS)

Udupi, Jun 10: Cats, cows, sheep and canine can register by themselves for donating blood and help save the life of other animals who are in have to have of blood transfusion.

Apart from pets, if a person is rearing road canine, cats or cows, these types of animals can be named and they can be registered in the donors’ pet list of veterinary health professionals or pet clinics.

Most of the time the vets face a challenging problem to research for blood donors for animals that are critically unwell. So this technique is really valuable for saving the lifestyle of dumb creatures.



Numerous persons are unaware that the blood of domestic animals can be donated to other animals. Shree Pet clinic operate by Dr Deepak at Vijayanagara in Mysuru is obtaining animals registered at many pieces of the state. If animals are registered, then it is feasible for vets to contact the proprietors of domestic animals for the exact same blood team in order to conserve the existence of the animal that desires blood urgently.

Pounds of the doggy need to be extra than 25 kg and also it wants to be vaccinated periodically in purchase to donate blood. In the circumstance of cats, the pounds need to be much more than 4.55 kg. One particular to 10 percent blood can be donated by animals relying on their weight.

There are 13 blood groups for canine, whilst cows have 11, cats three, horses 8, goats 5 and sheep seven. The only problem is that the blood of animals cannot be saved like human beings and even matching is tricky. By providing them names and registering them at the blood bank, it will be handy, in accordance to Dr Deepak of Shree Pet Clinic, Mysuru.