February 2, 2023


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The Pros & Cons of Owning A Pet Tree Frog

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One of the more interesting exotic pets you could own is a frog. Many people do not know this, but pet frogs can come in a lot of different sizes and colors, and they can have different habitats making each type of frog unique.  One species of frog you can keep as a pet, is a White’s Tree Frog, which is also known as the Dumpy Tree Frog. These frogs come from Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea and, like their name suggests, generally lives among trees and plants.

When choosing first exotic pet or just your first pet of any type, a frog is the perfect choice, as they are generally very easy to look after and care for. This frog can grow to around 4-5 inches in length, meaning their home does not have to be extremely large. They are not a very active type of frog, and will usually sit for a long time staring into space. However, they are more of a nocturnal animal, meaning they will become more active during the night time.

White’s Tree Frogs are very good around people, and even children. You can handle them and they will climb around you. They do however have very sensitive skin like all amphibians, so you must take extra care when handling them to make sure your hands are free of any nasty chemicals. These types of frogs can live for around 15 years, so make sure you are really dedicated when you are getting one as a pet.

Feeding them can be the most interesting part of owning frogs, getting to see them eat live animals like they would in the wild.  Their main diet is crickets which must be alive for the frog to be interested in. So if you don’t like the idea of keeping a box of insects in your house, then a pet frog might not be for you!  Other insects these frogs can eat are beetles, cockroaches and grasshoppers. The amount you feed the frog depends entirely on the frog itself. Since they aren’t a very active animal, a few crickets every 2 days should be enough.

A downside to owning this frogs is that, like all other animals, they can get diseases and illnesses which can be expensive to cure. However, keeping the frog in a good habitat, and feeding it a healthy diet should let it live a healthy life. One of the more common illnesses the frogs may get is stress which can be caused by over handling and their habitat, which is why you should try to allow the frogs to live as naturally as possible.

Overall, owning a pet frog such as the Whites Tree Frog can be very rewarding. This exotic pet isn’t too much work to look after, but can be very interesting at the same time – especially at feeding time. If you aren’t bothered about feeding the frogs live insects and you are dedicated to looking after it in its long life span then this is the perfect exotic animal for you.

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