June 7, 2023


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The Pet Shop: Petco encourages adding ‘pet friendly’ employee benefits for those returning to offices | Blog: The Pet Shop

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As businesses across the U.S. reopen office doors after two years of mostly or entirely remote work, Petco is advocating for employees to continue working with pets by their side and encouraging employers to add “pet-friendly” to their roster of employee benefits.

Employees across the U.S. are eager to return to a normal semblance of work life, but many are anxious about leaving some comforts of working from home — including their pets — behind.

A 2021 survey conducted by Petco finds that:

69% of pet owners are stressed about what returning to work means for their pets

Nearly half of pet owners want their employers to adopt a pet-friendly workplace

41% of pet owners say they would consider switching jobs if it meant they could bring their pet to work.

“After two years of remote work, employers returning to an in-office culture are looking for ways to make it a more positive experience for employees,” said Jenny Wolski, a senior vice president with Petco. “At Petco, we believe that having our pets at work leads to lower stress, improved physical health and increased productivity for our partners, while keeping our pets mentally and socially engaged.”