February 2, 2023


pets keep it coming

The ‘Humanization’ of Animals and the Custody of Companion Pets When Couples Separate or Divorce

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Dogs running down the stairs beagle with german spitzFormer president Harry Truman famously stated that “if you want a pal in Washington get a dog.” Around the past 221 decades, canine, cats and other animals, which include horses, cows, snakes, raccoons, birds, goats, sheep and even a smaller bear, have roamed the White Household grounds.

Considering that FDR and his beloved doggy Fala, the Initial Families have confined their companions of choice to canines and cats, besides for the Kennedys, whose daughter Caroline experienced a horse named Macaroni. These pets have develop into intertwined with the heritage of our presidents and their families as we’ve read through about them, observed images of them and even watched them on tv. Subsequent to FDR, the most notable had been LBJ’s two beagles Him and Her Nixon’s doggy King Timahoe (and, of training course, in his pre-White Property days, his notorious canine Checkers, gifted to him while working in his very first campaign for Vice President) Ford’s pet Liberty Reagan’s dogs Rex and Blessed Bush 41’s pet Millie and her offspring, including Location, who later turned the only pet dog to stay 2 times in the White Dwelling when he joined Bush 43’s other canines Barney and Miss Beazely Clinton’s cat Socks and Obama’s pet dogs Bo and Sunny. At present, the Biden relatives enjoys the organization of two German shepherds, Key and Commander and a cat named Willow.