February 2, 2023


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“The hard part is seeing how completely stressed those animals are” | SDHS President helping Ukrainian refugees and their pets

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Dr. Gary Weitzman, San Diego Humane Society President, is now at the Ukrainian border, becoming a member of a massive humanitarian exertion to offer treatment to refugees and their animals.

SAN DIEGO — Ukrainian refugees facing the uncertainty of war keep on to cross the border into Poland even though holding on tight to their beloved animals. 

“They’ve lost every little thing in their lives. We want to make positive they really do not lose their animals far too,” said Dr. Gary Weitzman, President and CEO of San Diego Humane Modern society, prior to boarding a plane Sunday. 

He is now at the Ukrainian border, signing up for a huge humanitarian energy to present treatment to refugees and their animals.

“It’s truly stress filled, there is no question,” reported Dr. Weitzman. “What these individuals have been by means of is seriously unbelievable. It’s hard to even think about this going on in our lifetimes.” 

Dr. Weitzman brought health-related and veterinary supplies to the busiest border crossing in western Ukraine in the Polish town of Medyka. He has teamed up with IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, an corporation that has tents established up at the border to supply veterinary treatment.

“It’s just heartbreaking. It is just totally devastating,” reported Dr. Weitzman. “The challenging part is seeing how completely pressured those animals are. They do not know what’s likely on and this is just so hard.” 

Inside of the IFAW veterinary tent, they’re very well-outfitted for any condition. “Our pharmacy is ideal more than below and it is reasonably nicely-stocked,” mentioned Dr. Weitzman. “Fluids and ache medicines.” 

ADA Basis, a vet clinic 30 minutes from the border in Przemysl, Poland, has been managing animals and pets in need to have of serious care just before being moved to other shelters in Poland and all through Europe. 

“We want folks to be in a position to continue to keep their family members with each other,” reported a spokesperson for Humane Culture Global. “The trauma that all people is heading as a result of in this scenario is just horrific and unimaginable and if they have to be even more traumatized by remaining separated from their animals, we want to do almost everything we can to maintain them jointly.” 

Meanwhile, at the border crossing in Medyka, Dr. Weitzman is assisting any way he can. While it is a dire predicament, he’s grateful that these individuals are not leaving their pets at the rear of. 

“They require every thing from fundamental supplies and carriers and flea treatment method. The animals are stressed as you can consider and some of them are unwell and vomiting,” mentioned Dr. Weitzman. “But you know, I’m so joyful to see that most of the animals are in actually great form which is a huge relief.”

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