December 7, 2022


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‘Stray’ players are adding their cats to the game with mods

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“Stray,” the video sport about a nameless feral cat wandering via a metropolis of robots, is just one of the summer’s most significant shock hits. Now, some gamers are modifying the activity to include their very own feline pals to its post-apocalyptic environment.

Mods — small for modifications — are supporter-manufactured alterations to a video video game that are finished by rewriting or changing the game’s documents. The easiest mods make beauty adjustments, these as altering the texture on a weapon to search nicer. But mods can also be wildly bold, sometimes ballooning into totally new video games. 2021’s “The Forgotten Metropolis,” an journey set in historical Rome, was at first a “Skyrim” mod.

On NexusMods, a website that hosts downloadable mods, there are by now a selection of choices readily available to players seeking to alter the search of “Stray’s” furry hero with distinctive coats and eye colours. The site is flush with possibilities for black cats, gray tabbies, calicoes and a lot more, every single presently downloaded hundreds of occasions.

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Many of the modders who produced those skins primarily based them off their personal cats. A person creator included their green-eyed tuxedo cat, Maro, to “Stray.” The down load web site features a real-life photo reference for most accuracy. Hi, Maro!

An additional person, Narwhix, uploaded a mod to permit avid gamers participate in as Sunny, their lovely calico. A blurry picture of the cat evident down at the camera can be observed on the listing.

Some modders have begun getting requests from interested gamers. NexusMods person NorskPL, for instance, established retextures of the “Stray” cat matching specs shared by fellow buyers, and established a beginner’s tutorial for any one intrigued in making their very own cat mod. A further NexusMods person, Hacktix, uploaded skins of Sushi, Lilly, Luna and Buffy (all cats) in reaction to commissions from consumers.

For players wanting for something additional offbeat, there are also modifications that turn the nameless “Stray” hero into an lovely pup or the lasagna-loving cartoon cat Garfield. One particular mod transforms Carl “CJ” Johnson, the protagonist of “Grand Theft Automobile: San Andreas,” into a terrifying but however playable cat.

There are also mods that insert high quality-of-life improvements to “Stray,” such as button remapping, bigger graphics options, localizing the game’s language into Thai and a quite rudimentary break up-monitor multiplayer method. You can even modify the game’s 6 badges, a collectible players can discover that are exhibited on the cat’s harness, into pride pins.

“Stray,” introduced to in the vicinity of-unanimous praise from critics and followers, nails the emotion of being a cat — an unconventional promoting level for a video clip activity. With its expanding level of popularity, hope to see even extra mods in the future, bringing all kinds of cute cat people to digital daily life.