December 3, 2022


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Skunk skulking around Fremont backyard has man concerned

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Expensive JOAN: A couple times in the past, I caught on camera a skunk out entrance, ideal in advance of sunrise. Not way too amazed, as about the many years I have caught strong whiffs of them.

Previous night time, just soon after midnight, my digital camera and gentle came on at the rear on my patio. I was stunned to see a skunk on my fenced-in patio. We have two puppies that we permit out for quick relief at evening, and I undoubtedly do not want them to experience a skunk.

I see that you can get skunk repellent, but just one option was to have motion sensor lights, and as quickly as the lights came on, the skunk did scurry absent.

Really should we be involved and consider actions or just be mindful when allowing them out back in the evening?

Mike, Fremont

Pricey MIKE: Allowing puppies out is a issue night time or day, in particular if you know you’ve experienced skunk readers. I’m not stating in no way let your dogs out — just that you really don’t know what they could possibly encounter. Typically, nothing, but it’s a excellent strategy to take safety measures.

Skunks are likely to be nocturnal, coming out at dusk and returning to their dens at dawn, but you can not generally depend on a skunk. They often like the daytime, also, specially if they’re searching for meals, water or a new household. Although the motion-activated lights get the job done at night, they are not going to shoo absent a skunk in the daytime.

Skunk repellents can work, but it is dependent a great deal on the resolve of the skunk. If they have a robust have to have to be in your yard, they’ll appear irrespective. The same goes for the lights. It does not consider extensive for the skunk to know the lights are not seriously a risk to them.

The most effective way to preserve a skunk out of your lawn is to use a combination of repellents and lights, perhaps toss in a movement-activated sprinkler and take away or minimize the factors that could be attracting them, these types of as pet food items, water dishes and cozy spots underneath decks or sheds in which they can make a den.

Often give your backyard a once-around ahead of allowing the pet dogs out, specifically at night time, when they are a lot more most likely to come upon one particular.

Beaver festival

It’s time to rejoice the Martinez beavers with the 13th annual Beaver Competition, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, June 25, at Susana Park, Susana and Estudillo streets in Martinez.

The competition, which involves a children’s parade, food items, songs, chalk artwork, stuffed beaver giveaways, a silent auction and even a salmon thriller to remedy. The event celebrates a final decision 15 a long time in the past that saved the beavers that had taken up residence in Alhambra Creek. Their natural inclination to create a dam experienced brought on road flooding in downtown Martinez, and officials were being scheduling to seize and take away the creatures.