June 7, 2023


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Rabbit rescues at capacity as pets get dumped across St. Louis

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St. Louis residents are obtaining deserted pet rabbits throughout the town, and few rescues have the place or assets to just take them in.

“We have been finding about 60 surrender requests or extra a week,” Katie Kottmeyer explained to St. Louis on the Air. Her nonprofit rescue, Dolly’s Desire Household, is currently at ability. “We’re out of pellets. We are virtually out of carriers. And we just are unable to maintain up.”

The rationale so lots of rabbits are becoming dumped, Kottmeyer believes, is that people today who believed they’d be an effortless, very low-critical pet during quarantine or as an Easter gift immediately located by themselves confused.

“When they get hormonal, they are going to get started growling and boxing you and spraying pee,” she stated. “And which is just not what individuals be expecting when they see these lovable, fluffy bunnies.”

Kottmeyer under no circumstances planned to run a rabbit rescue. The 22-year-aged has a demanding career as a details analyst with a Fortune 500 corporation. But when she noticed that the spot had a lot more rabbits in need than places at rescues, she could not glance away.

“Nobody was stepping up, and I was like, ‘I guess we can just do it,’” she mentioned. “At to start with I was like, ‘Oh, it truly is just a minor quarantine facet undertaking,’ but it really is definitely developed, and I really like it. I have 4 bunnies of my individual, and I want to retain helping.”

When she’s not trapping dumped bunnies on the streets or wanting for new foster residences, Kottmeyer functions to educate individuals about the desires of domestic rabbits, which include the point that released domestic rabbits can not live alongside cottontail rabbits in the wild.

“Your domestic bunny is not crafted to endure out there,” she stated.

Kottmeyer also shared what men and women really should know about these exotic animals ahead of selecting to adopt or buy them.

“Bunnies are phenomenal pets, but they dwell 8 to 12 many years, so as considerably as a puppy or a cat can,” she reported. “They can be litter properly trained they can do all these incredible points.” But they will need a good deal of house: “Living in a cage — it’s like living in a lavatory. It’s so little.”

Katie Kottmeyer joins St. Louis on the Air

Dolly’s Aspiration Residence depends on various hundred volunteers and about 25 foster residences in the St. Louis region, with capability to help around 70 rabbits at any one time. Kottmeyer hopes to develop the rescue in the long term.

“We can normally use extra fosters [and] folks on our rescue workforce to capture dumped bunnies,” she reported. “It’s terrific cardio!”

And if you see a rabbit in your community that appears a tiny unique, Kottmeyer encourages you to deliver photographs and films to her organization just before trapping them on your own.

“Because at times cottontails can have a melanin concern or they can be piebald,” she said. “Typically, you can convey to [a wild rabbit] by their shorter stature — they have for a longer time, thinner snouts. And when you see a domestic, European rabbit operate and a cottontail operate, it truly is just vastly distinct.”

Find out more about how to get included, including becoming a foster or donating funds, at dollysdreamhome.org.

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