April 10, 2024


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Pencil Drawing – 10 Drawing Tips That Bring Birds to Life

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Here are some simple but awe-inspiring tips to drawing birds with outstanding effects.

10 tips will get you started instantly and when applied will give your drawing a natural life…

Tip 1 – Sit quietly and checkout birds flying, moving and jumping around you.

Get a sketch book handy and start preparing your sketch.

Tip 2 – Checkout their colorful beaks and what food they eat.

This will help you to select your picture background as to which plants to include.

Tip 3 – See their colorful feathers and furs.

Plan as to how you will capture them in your sketch quickly.

Tip 4 – You will notice that some birds have a smooth feather while others have rough furry bodies.

Capture these natural looks in your picture.

Tip 5 – Observe how these birds try to attract their future mates during spring time.

This will get you with beautiful creative pictures that will rock.

Tip 6 – Birds tends to continuously move around hunting for food or protecting themselves from predators.

Therefore, make sure that you keep a camera handy and capture their photos so that you can use them during your final drawing.

Tip 7 – Drawing birds are a challenging stuff, and thus it is much more exciting and fun which will give you a twist in your artistic hobby.

Tip 8 – Choose a subject before you begins drawing. It can be either birds mating with each other or birds having food or just moving around with joy.

Tip 9 – Move to different places that nature provides such as river, sea, mountains, parks, etc. This will give you different views and subjects to capture on.

Tip 10 – Make sure you learn how to draw water because birds, mostly tend to be found either inside or near water.

If you learn this stuff you will be able to easily capture the natural habitat around.

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