February 23, 2024


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Pamper your Pooch to the Fullest with Health Treats 

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Are You Feeding Your Dog Too Often? Study Reveals How Often a Dog Should Eat

Would you not like a treat once in a while? Who would not? If you get anything apart from the usual food routine, would you not like it? You would relish the treat. However, the same treats offered regularly would lose their importance. The same would apply to dogs as well. When you treat your dog with Green Lipped muscles once in a while, rest assured that your furry friend would like it a lot. As people, dogs also understand the difference between routine food and special treats. 

Dog treats would be the best way to reward your dog, especially when you train your pooch. It would be worth mentioning here that dogs tend to respond better to positive reinforcements instead of punishments when under training. As a result, dog treats would cater to you with the best results when you train your dogs. Rest assured that dog treats are special kinds of dog food given once in a while, unlike staple food. Treats would be immensely effective in assisting the dog’s teeth and gums. They would also include a wide variety of minerals and vitamins when you choose the best quality food. 

What types of foods qualify as dog treats 

Rest assured that special food would not be a staple food for sure. You could purchase these special foods or prepare them at home. These foods would be inclusive of various kinds of vegetarian and non-vegetarian treats. You could come across various kinds of options to meet your specific needs based on the age of your furry friend. Numerous ideas have been made available in the market to make such treats at home or purchase from the standard dog food store. 

As these treats are rich in calories, you should be prudent in giving these treats between adequately spaced-time intervals. It would assist in controlling obesity in dogs. Healthy protein-based foods could also qualify as treats along with foods rich in fish oil, flaxseeds, Trans acids, and such. Chicken breast for dogs would be an ideal treat. 

Treats and training 

Treats could be a great incentive during long training sessions. They could be given as a reward for accomplishing a training goal or completing a specific task in training. Rest assured that dogs tend to learn quickly and could relate the reward with the specific attainment of the goal. Therefore, they tend to repeat the learned actions to seek the reward repeatedly. It would be easier for trainers to induce specific desired habits in their dogs. Chewing on bones or specifically made treats results in strengthening the teeth and gums of your dog. 

What care should be taken while giving treats to dogs? 

It would not be wrong to suggest that the frequency and quantity of presenting your dog with a treat would be of immense importance. A treat given too often would hamper the desired results of training your dog. It might also result in issues such as obesity or the formation of tartar. It would be better to choose treats that have been high in proteins while being different from staple foods. 


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