February 2, 2023


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New Pet Checklist–Helping Your New Pew Stay Happy & Healthy – Wheaton Animal Hospital Blog

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New pet cat.

Spring is upon us, and many family members will be welcoming new furry pet companions into their homes.  When having in a new pet, it is vital to be guaranteed that you are completely ready to give all the things that he or she will will need. Use the next checklist to be certain that you really don’t ignore just about anything!

Good Nutrition

Opt for a top quality diet plan that satisfies your pet’s lifestyle stage (puppy/kitten, adult, senior), dimensions, and power demands.  Make any diet alterations slowly but surely in excess of a period of 10-14 days. Discuss to your veterinarian about the best type of diet plan for your pet’s health and fitness and desires.

Primary Possessions

You will not want a lot for your new pet, but they will likely require a couple items.  Food items and water bowls, a thoroughly fitting collar or harness, a leash or pet carrier, and a litter box for cats are musts.  Strongly think about an properly sized crate and some toys to entertain curious babies as properly.

Work out

All animals need some sort of workout.  Be guaranteed you have a approach to offer this for your new pet to assistance them to maintain their health and fitness and ward off behavioral issues.


Be confident you know which vaccinations your new addition has presently gained and what added ones are recommended by your veterinarian. Vaccines are an crucial aspect of preserving your new pet healthy.

Spay and Neuter

If your pet has not already been spayed or neutered, strongly take into account doing so as shortly as achievable.  Spaying or neutering can minimize the incidence of specified wellness problems including some forms of most cancers, lessen the likelihood of behavioral difficulties, and assistance reduce animals from escaping dwelling and turning into shed or even worse.

Parasite Avoidance

Examine with your veterinarian to find out about what varieties of parasite preventatives are encouraged.  Intestinal parasites, heartworms, fleas, and ticks are all detrimental to your pet’s health and are mostly preventable.


No matter if it suggests you going to the library and discovering about pet behavior or enrolling in courses, instruction your new pet will support him or her fit into your relatives better.

Like and Passion

And do not forget the most significant factor of all!  No pet should really ever be without having your unconditional like! More queries? The group at Wheaton Animal Clinic is content to assistance!