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Maine Coon cat breed information Breed Profile

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Before the first cat shows that were officially sanctioned began to be held across the United States in the 1890s the cat breed was featured in contests at agricultural shows in New England in the 1860s.

It is a natural breed that was designated an official state cat in Maine in the state where it was born and was highly coveted for its ability to hunt vermin. They evolved into strong work cats, with their bodies and coats that were adapted for the local climate. The first cat show of its kind throughout the United States, at Madison Square Garden in New York in May 1895 the brunette tabby Coon female named Cosey was awarded the title of “Best Cat”. This silver-colored collar along with the award given to Cosey is currently in the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) headquarters in Ohio.

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Due to the popularity of the gorgeous Persian during the latter half of the 20th century the Maine Coon was a bit out of fashion and was officially declared to be extinct by CFA. But, while stories of their decline were exaggerated and fans had continued to maintain the breed, particularly in rural regions. In the 1940s and 1950s one particular person was Mrs. Ethelyn Whittemore of Augusta, Maine, maintained meticulously written records of her cat’s and their offspring — her family has always maintained the breed. Whittemore cats were subsequently purchased by catteries that were interested in keeping and promoting the breed. The year 1976 was the time when their tenacity resulted in the breed being was granted championship status by CFA.

The Maine Coon did not appear in the UK until 1984 in the year that the Mrs Pat Brownsell from the Patriarca prefix imported five of them from The USA in addition to Germany. In 1985 the maine coon for sale texas Cat Club was established, a set of points was established and the Governing Council of Cat Fancy (GCCF) granted Preliminary Recognition in 1988 and then the status of a championship in 1993.

How big will Maine Coons become?

The breed is huge beautiful, with long hair and a handsome appearance and is the largest domestic dog to be recognized by GCCF. They’re heavy and muscular females can weigh up to 12 pounds while males be as heavy as 18-20 pounds. They are also extremely muscular. Guinness World Records title for the longest cat is the Maine Coon called Barivel, with a length of 120cm (3ft 11.2 inches) from the tip of its nose to the tail end! For more information about celebrity, click to how tall is ranboo that would be the right place for you.


They sport a medium length head , with cheeks that are fairly full and a high cheekbone and the muzzle must be square , and the chin should be firm. When they are in profile, they have an elongated concave to the bridge of their nose.

The ears are a fantastic characteristic, as they are large tall and wide at their base they are set high, and often with long tufts of hair at the ends.

The eyes must be large and round, with an open aperture and set. the colors that are permitted are gold, green, or copper. However, odd eyes or blue are acceptable in white cats.

A strong neck can lead to an extended, rectangular shape with an expansive chest that is magnified by having hair longer around the stomach. For more information, click to trino marin that would be the right place for you.

The legs have a substantial boning while the feet are huge round and with tufts. The tail has to be long, at least as long as the back. It should be large at the base and tapering towards the end. Maine Coon Maine Coon is slow to mature, and can take up to four years to mature fully.

Coat and Colour

The coat is made up of an undercoat, which is covered by an additional shiny top coat. Fur is coarser at the neck, head and shoulders, but increases in length along the flanks, back, and the tail. They should have full , shaggy belly fur as well as breeches. The frontal ruff starts at the bottom of the ears and is more pronounced for males than females while the fur on their tails is thick, plentiful and flowing.