June 5, 2023


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Know All About Dog Euthanasia in New York City

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Pet Euthanasia in New York, NY | City Pets - The House Call Vets

Seeing your dog suffering from severe pain or illness is very depressing. If there are no chances of pet surviving, you might be unable to cope with the situation. In such circumstances, you might have to consider euthanatizing your pet. Euthanasia is the procedure used to stop the heartbeat of any pet with an injection. It is an easy method to give a painless death to your furry friends.

Many pet owners generally face this situation because their dog may be in much pain or aging. Being kind towards loving pet is a responsible act. So, pet owners opt for euthanasia to relieve pain and add peace to a dog’s death.

When your pet is not active and succumbs to illness, then it’s a sign that you need to consider euthanasia. Zen Dog Veterinary Care PLLC is one of the best for dog euthanasia NYC. Their services also include Acupuncture, physical rehabilitation, and Chinese herbs. They offer in-home euthanasia in areas including Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Westchester.

Procedure For Euthanasia

A sedative is injected to calm down or put your dog to sleep. Vets administer pentobarbital solution that shuts both the heart and brain. Only a few dogs don’t respond or cry out loud while needling. In no time, the animal peacefully passes away. Even after death, you may see some movement in your pet. This is not a sign of life, but involuntary muscle reflexes. 

Which Dogs Should Get Euthanized?

Most shelters decide to implement euthanasia for dogs that are not being adopted. These dogs may be aggressive, old, suffering from diseases, or physically challenged. Even, No-kill shelters will euthanize dogs that are considered dangerous because of their aggressive behavior.  

Also, any pet owner can euthanize their dog by discussing the following with a vet:

  • Are there any chances of getting the dog healed?
  • Is it unable to do daily activities like eating, moving, or sleeping?
  • Is it in severe pain? 

 Is Your Presence Essential?

Many dogs look for their owners as the situation may make them nervous. At that time, your presence counts. You can help them cross the rainbow peacefully and in your loving arms. You can also include your children during euthanize process. This will help them cope with loss of pet more easily. 


You need to stay strong and discuss with your vet about dog remains. Any clinic can provide cremation facilities for groups or individuals. You can also do it by yourself. A post-mortem examination is necessary in any of these cases. You have to follow the rules and regulations of the municipalities to bury your pet legally.  

Euthanasia is a difficult call that the pet owners need to take. Although it is painful, your dog can rest in peace in your presence, ending all the sufferings. At ZenDog, it costs about $375 for euthanasia services. The physical therapy for dogs NYC will cost a traveling fee of $100. You can book an appointment by calling on (917)725-2755, or else you can contact them via email or a text message.