December 9, 2022


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Istanbul’s first exotic animal hospital treats avians, rodents

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When people decide to have a pet, the vast majority of them choose cats and canines. For this rationale, veterinary clinics that can handle our very little cats and canines are escalating day by day all around Istanbul.

But what about all those who pick out unique animals as pets? Exactly where ought to cockatoo, cockatiel or iguana owners seek guidance in case of an disease? As an operator of a mischievous woman cockatiel, I usually come throughout the reply, “We do not deal with avians” from veterinarians in instances of ailments.

However, Turkey’s 1st “exotic animal hospital” in Istanbul’s Florya district delivers all kinds of cure to unique animals from budgies to turtles.

Filiz Demirel, one of the founders of the exotic animal hospital, Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo courtesy of hospital)
Filiz Demirel, just one of the founders of the exotic animal hospital, Istanbul, Turkey. (Image courtesy of medical center)

When you enter the hospital, two gray African parrots and just one white cockatoo named “Zombie” welcome the sufferers with their whistles, in some cases with Zombie’s ear-ringing screams. These a few animals have been deserted by their past entrepreneurs proclaiming that they develop into “unpleasant” simply because they have been plucking their feathers thanks to exposure to pressure.

Launched in 1996, the clinic was recognized by Akif Demirel, a graduate of Istanbul University, from the Veterinary Medicine department. Demirel, who was also educated in the United States and Canada, is the 1st Turkish Veterinarian to maintain two veterinary titles in the two international locations particularly Turkey and the U.S. He is also Turkey’s agent of the Association of Avian Veterinarians European Committee.

Obtaining graduated from the very same college, Filiz Demirel, who worked with her husband at Northern Veterinary Medical center In Iroquois Falls in Canada for eight decades just before the clinic was opened, is the other founder of the clinic.

Mostly, exotic avians are handled in this clinic. Aside from that, guinea pigs, hamsters, tortoises, iguanas and rabbits are other patients. The required laboratory strategies are also carried out in this unique animal medical center. All procedures these kinds of as gaster, fecal assessment, X-ray screening, blood tests, biochemistry and surgical strategies can be executed. They also have a section for in-patients.

The scientific workforce is fairly open up to delivering data to the pet house owners as extended as the restoration actions are adopted the right way, as a result saving the lives of the animals. In situations when the mistaken analysis brings the animals to the past phase of a condition, they give a hundred and ten per cent work to preserve the minimal ones’ life.

Speaking to Every day Sabah, Merve Siirtli, a single of the veterinarians of the clinic said that budgies make up most of their clients with 70%. This estimate is adopted by Jaco parrots and cockatiels.

“These birds, whose homeland is commonly Australia, are wild animals dwelling in normal environments these as doves and crows in Turkey. On the other hand, they are illegally introduced to various nations and created in unsanitary ailments,” Siirtli claimed.

Emphasizing its commercialization, “This cycle are unable to be stopped for the reason that of purchases and requests. We consider to assist these tiny types with health conditions as a lot as we can,” Siirtli added.

Merve Siirtli, a veterinarian at the exotic animal hospital, with cockatoo 'Zombie,' Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo courtesy of hospital)
Merve Siirtli, a veterinarian at the unique animal medical center, with cockatoo “Zombie,” Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo courtesy of healthcare facility)

“They are free-dwelling by character. Yet, in some way they can adapt to the household atmosphere. The most important aspect to be regarded as whilst taking treatment of them at household is nourishment. Opposite to well known belief, their eating plan should really not be dependent on seeds. Like people, they will need a variety of food stuff as they are fed in mother nature for their healthful advancement. Avians who only eat seeds are probable to get sick in the extended operate. Seventy percent of their eating plan must consist of pellets when the other nutritions need to be taken from vegetables and fruits,” she mentioned.

We are a society accustomed to crumbling bread when we appear across a chicken. On the other hand, Siirtli mentioned that bread is a person of the most unsafe food items for birds as it incorporates yeast. It is even hazardous for humans. “These animals should not be fed with yeasted goods,” she additional.

On the other hand, some people today who desire to possess a hen or are currently proprietors are likely to see these animals as decorations right after placing them in a cage. Birds are not cage animals their food stuff and drinking water can be offered from time to time. From the smallest to the biggest, these are clever animals that crave conversation, focus and care, as much as a cat or a puppy. For instance, I adopted my cockatiel following I noticed her in a cage, and locked it in an business office room. When I noticed how psyched she was when I entered the home, I couldn’t bear to go away this kind of natural beauty by yourself and neglected. Now we have bonded so significantly with the naughty woman, who’s under no circumstances been in a cage, that if I go away the place she’s in for a minute, she will shout for me or fly up to me.

Merve Siirtli evaluating an X-ray screening, as her patient watches from her shoulder, Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo courtesy of hospital)
Merve Siirtli analyzing an X-ray screening, as her individual watches from her shoulder, Istanbul, Turkey. (Image courtesy of clinic)

“If an animal is to be adopted, the pet owner’s daily life ought to be adapted appropriately,” Siirtli additional.

Sevinç Dilara Taşkıran, a veterinary technician at the clinic also emphasized the importance of diet in avians and the setting they stay.

“These animals do not take in carbohydrates in mother nature, they corrode trees. They are conscious of their food items cycle and capable to distinguish toxic plants. On the other hand, they are inclined to try to eat decorative vegetation at property because of to the craving for greens, in search of greenery at household, they cannot come across a basil leaf or an apple tree, so they take in whichever they obtain. Therefore, Liliaceae and orchids really should be stored apart from birds. Lately, 1 of our individuals confronted organ failure due to the orchid plant it ate. These plants can acutely have an affect on their rate of metabolism and induce loss of life,” Taşkıran said.

Taşkıran also explained how their clinic turned an exotic animal hospital.

Sick budgies brought to the exotic animal hospital, Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo courtesy of hospital)
Unwell budgies introduced to the exotic animal medical center, Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo courtesy of healthcare facility)

“There was no distinct goal to identified an unique animal clinic. Having said that, veterinary clinics in Turkey deliver education only for geese, chickens and roosters in conditions of avians. Nonetheless, Dr. Akif Demirel’s working experience in the U.S. and Canada turned into an benefit for us. Then people today begun to marvel ‘Where to take my unwell chook, rodent?’ and the name of our clinic started off to be listened to. Since then, we turned into an exotic animal medical center,” she explained.

Sevinç Dilara Taşkıran, veterinary technician at the exotic animal hospital, Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo courtesy of hospital)
Sevinç Dilara Taşkıran, veterinary technician at the exotic animal healthcare facility, Istanbul, Turkey. (Picture courtesy of medical center)

“Of training course, we also handle cats and pet dogs, but I can say that the truth that other veterinarians did not provide the appropriate treatment method for these animals encouraged us to focus on exotic animals in distinct,” she extra.

The clinic presents procedure solutions to its people by appointment. The inspection course of action, which consists of special treatment, can take a bare minimum of one particular hour. The therapy of these animals is carried out meticulously, as bodily examination and creating the right diagnosis according to the analyzes call for thinking and time. According to the style of sickness and bodyweight of the animal, the clinic prescribes precise medications in conditions of the degree of the active substance.

“Men and women are typically educated about the use of unneeded antibiotics. This also applies to unique animals. In veterinary clinics, medications must not be approved to these animals without tests. A basic fecal investigation typically displays the distress in the animal. If not, the medicine offered devoid of testing will guide to the failure of the kidneys and livers of exotics,” she reported.

“The medication used for exotics is minimal. Hence, unique animal owners ought to be go-to professionals in this discipline. The exact applies to these animals, as we make an appointment to the applicable specialty when we are sick. Medications utilized in cats and puppies cannot be utilised in birds. Our tiny buddies die from cortisone poisoning,” she included.

Merve Siirtli also mentioned that the most common disorder in birds is drying sickness (megabacterial an infection). “This disease, which is normally viewed in birds lifted in petshop environments, is 90-95% contagious and just one of the most deadly conditions. It is incredibly tricky to treat,” she claimed.

The amount of abandoned animals is growing. For this cause, I requested our physicians the motives why these animals were abandoned.

Merve Siirtli, a veterinarian at the exotic animal hospital, with a rabbit, Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo courtesy of hospital)
Merve Siirtli, a veterinarian at the exotic animal clinic, with a rabbit, Istanbul, Turkey. (Image courtesy of hospital)

“In Turkey, veterinary drugs began to development in a individual-material marriage. ‘I can not manage to glimpse right after my pet’ persons in some cases say. Substance issues go away at the rear of a ethical compass. At the identical time, our machines reaches us on a greenback, and euro foundation. Our resources are also impacted by costs. No matter what takes place, we really should not abandon these minimal kinds, just as we do not go away our ill kid.” Siirtli reported.

A dog and a cockatiel become friends at the exotic animal hospital, Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo courtesy of hospital)
A pet dog and a cockatiel turn out to be mates at the unique animal clinic, Istanbul, Turkey. (Image courtesy of healthcare facility)

On the other hand, veterinary technician Taşkıran touches on the visible pleasure aspect of this challenge. “When parrots are separated from nature and enter the cage environment, they get pressured. As a final result of this worry, feather plucking can be noticed in the birds. We have listened to statements from some folks who leave their animals below, these types of as pulling their feathers and finding very unsightly. It has turned into a predicament like a little one obtaining bored with a toy,” she claimed.

Birds are frequently animals that can hide their ailment incredibly perfectly to look powerful in the flock and not be expelled. Pet owners might not know that they are sick for a extended time. Only in the previous stage, when the fowl gets sick, the sickness issue can be discovered. For this cause, obtaining regime look at-ups is pretty vital for them to guide a healthy and quality existence. Even if a 100% accurate prognosis and treatment are presented in the clinic, recovery develops based on the animal’s response.

I assume that all those who want to adopt a bird ought to severely contemplate all these factors. Or else, it is very complicated for these animals to guide a balanced lifetime following remaining plucked from their pure habitat.