June 3, 2023


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How do you keep your pets safe?

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When thinking of the safety of your pet secure for the duration of a hurricane, you have the pursuing solutions: retain the animal within if you remain house provide it if you evacuate go away it with somebody dependable or board it at a dependable kennel.

If you program to stay at a pet-helpful shelter, make confident to pre-register well in advance of time.

Regardless of what you do, really don’t go away your pet guiding.

If you stay home

Make sure all animals are wearing ID tags with your latest get in touch with information.

Look at acquiring a microchip, which can be registered for totally free at www.foundanimals.org.

Retain your pets inside of just before, during and soon after the storm and make them as cozy as feasible.


A portable pet unexpected emergency kit really should include water, h2o bowls, pet meals, healthcare information and drugs.

Deliver alongside a collar with identification, a beloved towel or blanket and a two-week provide of drinking water and meals.

Contact lodges on your route to confirm they take pets.


Sign-up with a pet-friendly shelter properly in advance of the storm. Be geared up to exhibit proof you stay in a obligatory evacuation zone or cellular property in the county.

Pet-friendly shelters do not settle for exotic animals like reptiles or livestock. Animals ought to be present on their vaccinations and be registered with the county.

Use your ideal judgment and get rid of massive animals from the area if their lives are in danger.

Suggested items for your pet survival package involve:

  • A crate or carrier large adequate for the animal to stand and flip about in

  • Leashes and collars

  • H2o and foodstuff

  • Crisis cellphone numbers for veterinarian, animal shelters and buddies/relations

  • Veterinary documents with rabies certification

  • Cleansing provides. Keep in mind, your pet dog will not be able to go exterior through the storm.

  • A image of you and your pet collectively (to help confirm the pet is yours), and 1 with the pet by alone, showing any distinguishing marks that will assist with identification.