February 2, 2023


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Going ga-ga for guinea pigs

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I’m uncommon as a vet – I come from a relatives wherever neither of my mother and father were being significantly interested in animals and we never ever experienced a cat or pet dog. My brother was allergic to numerous matters and could respond terribly to a lick from a pet, so it was never heading to materialize. Nonetheless, 1 working day we managed to persuade my parents to allow for us to have guinea pigs. It was the start of a lifetime-extensive adore of these mild herbivores and a person of the points that encouraged me to develop into fascinated in animals and finally to become a vet. 

Childhood guinea pigs

It all started with these two male guinea pigs who lived in a wire mesh operate and hutch on the garden. Inevitably they escaped, as guinea pigs do, but we had been fortunate to have a backyard garden surrounded by brick wall on all sides. They took up residence in an aged lose and in just times the drop was solely turned to guinea pig accommodation though they fed themselves on assorted crops from my mum’s prized herbaceous border. Guinea pigs are pretty great at knowing what they like, and it was only a make a difference of weeks in advance of the lupins were no extra. 

I do not know how we managed the up coming shift, which was to persuade mum to enable us to get some woman guinea pigs. The inescapable took place and ahead of long  there have been new additions to the team. Guinea pig babies are born relatively experienced with their eyes open up, running about and selecting on strong food stuff from working day a person and so they are fantastic for kids to take pleasure in. We quickly learnt about coat colors and textures, extremely running to persuade mum, as soon as again, to get us some unique sorts of guinea pigs to increase to the ones we by now experienced. 

Hunting back again, it was actually a fantastic possibility. We learnt so substantially about caring for animals and I consider the guinea pigs, many of whom had been rehomed in our village, also had a excellent top quality of lifestyle. I produced a deep adore and passion for them, and I imagine the points we appreciate as children tend to continue to be with us for existence. They certainly activated my desire in currently being a vet.

A increased comprehension

Quickly ahead a couple many years and when my possess young children claimed they wanted pets it was a very normal step to imagine back again to my have childhood memories and quickly, when once again, we experienced guinea pigs. It was probably no coincidence that the to start with two even looked like the favourite guinea pigs of my childhood. 

This photograph with my daughter demonstrates guinea pigs at their finest.

Malcolm Morley's daughter with two guinea pigs

They can come to be so tame with managing and are just wonderful for a cuddle when you’ve experienced a hard working day. Let us be frank, the guinea pigs are naturally there for the blended salad, but there is a symbiotic relationship, and the human gains are monumental. My kids also relished guinea pig breeding and it was great to have a few litters of infants, but I learnt from my mum’s laissez faire approach, and it by no means turned a full-scale operation! 

Currently my working day task is 100% equine practice, so my vet knowledge of guinea pigs continues to be minimal, or most likely it is the old factor about the a lot more you know, the much more you realise you do not know. In the past number of years, we have been massively grateful to other colleagues for helping us when our smaller furry mates became unwell. There is anything about becoming on the other aspect of the desk that definitely can make you enjoy the enormity and value of what our occupation does for both animals and their loving entrepreneurs.

There is also anything really specific about a really like shared inside of a family and to some extent the Morleys will constantly be guinea-pig-folks, regardless of what other pet arrives together. 


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