June 13, 2024


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Frenchie Joy

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The French bulldog Oleg met strangers on the river bank | Joy inside -  YouTube

Probably, everyone at least once thought about whether they need to get a puppy. After all, looking at the small and such cute dogs, it’s so hard to resist. Especially when it comes to cute bulldogs like on Frenchie Joy: https://frenchie-joy.com.

We understand what happiness a dog brings to a family and the life of each of its members, but we also want to remind you that this is a big responsibility. After all, you take not just a cute pet, but a separate little personality with its own character, needs and care features. That is why we have prepared a short checklist of points that will help you understand whether you are ready for a dog or is it still worth the wait.

Firstly, the dog needs to be outside, and not just walk for 10 minutes at the nearest walking area, but also spend time with the owner. So, if the thought of daily walks, as well as trips to the park and active games, depresses you, a dog is not the animal for you.

Secondly, study the characteristics of the breed of your future pet. After all, each dog breed has not only character traits, care, but also a list of possible health problems that need to be prevented with proper care, nutrition, and regular visits to the veterinarian. That is why many people prefer purebred dogs to mestizos, because in this case you get a predictable result, and not a “pig in a poke”.

Also, we always recommend getting to know the puppy, and not just ordering a suitable pet on the site. After all, even dogs of the same breed can have a different temperament and their own special disposition. At Frenchie Joy, we deliver puppies to New York and its surroundings, but before that we always recommend a video call to understand how close the puppy and his character are to you.

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