May 30, 2023


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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Owning exotic pets have grow to be a development in the capital. Together with pet dogs and cats, many choose for macaw birds, vibrant fish, hamsters and spiders as their companions. TNIE went all over the city to uncover out much more about persons and their tiny close friends  

When his pricey Febe stopped going for far more than a working day, 17-yr-old Sebin Thomas was nervous. Febe is Sebin’s pet tarantula — a bushy spider. The five-inch furry buddy was only shedding his outer layer, reassured Google. Owning a spider as a pet will not be a shock for all those who know Hagrid, a beloved character from the Harry Potter sequence. Like Hagrid, numerous in the metropolis are connected to their pet iguana, ball pythons, dormouse, smiling lizards, sugar gliders and monster fishes. 

Weirder, the better 
When the earth got shut down all through the pandemic, there was a significant demand for animals in the town. From Chinese-origin toy dog breeds like Shih Tzu to macaw birds and goldfishes turned people’s prefered companions for the annoying times. Some even opted for daring companions like snakes, spiders and even beetles. 

There is a high industry for these reptiles and amphibians amid the youngsters, states Kamal V S, a techie-turned-pet -collector. “Though reptiles are cold-blooded, with excellent treatment and affection, they can be lovable pets”. Kamal says his pet Iguana will come from the lizard loved ones and is quick to manage. “Be it snake or pet dog, you need to regularly care for them and pay out consideration to their diet plan. You should study just before purchasing unique pets, as it is tricky to discover if they are sick,” he says.

Some of the new-age pet species are hedgehogs, fire belly newts from the salamander family, leopard gecko (smiling lizard), sugar gliders, dormice, and monster fish like Arapaima, colourful corn snakes and milk snakes. The new winged friends in the metropolis are macaws, sunlight conure, rainbow lorikeet, cockatoo, cockatiel and so forth. 

Hedgehogs, Syrian hamsters, sugar gliders and micro squirrels are some of the lovable pets in development. “Do you know mice are superior companions? Just like in the film Ratatouille, they can turn out to be your best buddies Fancy mice, dumbo rats, gerbils, and even ‘peruchazhi’ can be great animals if we give them proper treatment,” claims Kamal, who operates Wiggly Tales pet retail store. 

“People are opting for non-toxic snakes such as ball python as pets.”    
Species like Iguana depend on crops and leaves, claims Vaishak C M, 1 of the proprietors of Animals Club, which features of a number of unique animals in the metropolis. “Iguana wants a excellent dose of UV rays. You can feed them hibiscus flowers, moringa leaves and greens. Owning spiders and other creatures as animals will assist do away with our dread also. On the other hand, the price of these pets can go up to lakhs,” states Vaishak.

From dry baths to pet parks
Providing medicated baths for skin rashes, nail clipping, oil massage, etc, are the grooming treatments in vogue. The newly-opened Petoria Wellness Centre in Kowdiar delivers boarding place and care for all pets. As monsoon is approaching, the contagious illness for canine will be parvovirus, states Alan Davis Babu, one of the controlling associates of the centre. 

“Pets also have to have vaccination every 12 months to stop viral infections. We are giving a multi-ingredient vaccine for canines and cats,” suggests Alan. The facility also delivers grooming for pets. Squirrels and rabbits can have a dry tub for skin troubles. Below foam is applied to them and dried utilizing pet wipes. Medicated baths and shampooing are for canines and cats. Grooming is not total with a good haircut — teddybear and dog haircuts are trending on the record.How about an outing following that? Apart from a huge range of products and solutions and services,  Bark’oke in Pattom has a pet park. “It is to create an activity area for pet mom and dad and pets to loosen up and have enjoyable,” claims a staff.

Pet house baker Varsha Prabhakaran has a focused record of cakes and desserts for the ‘paw’ friends. Beneath her enterprise, The Barkery.Inc, Varsha offers handmade pet treats and cakes. Birthday cakes for canines and cats are in superior demand, suggests Varsha, who is also a doggy lover. “Cakes arrive in half kg and a single kilo. Rooster, fish, product cheese, peanut butter, banana, and many others, are the main components. Peanut butter is a blend of ground peanut and honey. The diet program for dogs and cats must be no cost from masala, sugar and salt. For frosting, I use selfmade yoghurt,” suggests Varsha. She also provides dog treats identical to cookies, which have a shelf lifestyle of three months. Dognuts and pupcakes, as well, are incredibly hot-sellers.