May 30, 2023


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DC League Of Super-Pets’ Director Wants To Include A Specific Character In The Potential Sequel, And For A Very Good Reason

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Warning: SPOILERS for DC League of Super-Pets are in play. If you have not caught the film yet, consider this a Kryptonite-level warning. 

Showcasing a assortment of animals in its lineup, DC League of Tremendous-Animals somewhat has it out for just one distinct species in the animated adventure. Even though Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson’s canine qualified prospects are accompanied by other creatures good and small, it seems that cats are really villainous in this DC movie incarnation of Metropolis. With all owing respect to feline friends, co-author/director Jared Stern has essentially bolstered his really like of cats, and has some programs for a new character of that breed in the prospective sequel.