May 30, 2023


pets keep it coming

Commentary: Exotic pets turn heads, but should you get one?

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SINGAPORE: Video clips of a gray topped crane escaping from a property built the rounds on social media in April, piquing much public desire in the majestic, endangered fowl.

Whilst the proprietor claims the hen is certified, it brings to brain other viral clips of otters, hedgehogs, gradual lorises and much more currently being saved as pets. These kinds of photos and videos have ballooned in attractiveness about latest several years, with Instagram accounts and YouTube films committed to showcasing the domestic lives of these unique animals.

Although most folks are content with the companionship of a doggy, cat, hamster or rabbit, there are those who choose the concept of trying to keep an unique pet due to the fact of the perceived novelty and worries of rearing a scarce animal.

In Singapore, federal government laws prohibit maintaining numerous species of wild animals as pets. The Wildlife Act, however, makes it possible for for the preserving of specified unique animals exactly where risks to public safety and well being are substantially decrease.

These involve pink-eared terrapins, American bullfrogs and birds (excluding crows, pigeons, mynahs and guarded wildlife species) amid others. Possession of these animals is controlled and ought to be accompanied by a CITES (Convention on Intercontinental Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) permit.

Polices apart, one question continues to be – even if it had been authorized to individual an exotic animal, does that mean you really should?