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As spring and summer season solution, giving window defense for indoor cats is critical.  Cats can escape, cats can fall out of home windows, furthermore cats can wipe out your window screens.  Putting in cat proof window screens is one way to maintain your cat (and your screens!) secure.


How to Cat Proof Window Screens

In accordance to the ASPCA, “Pet owners can completely safeguard their animals by putting in comfortable and durable screens in all their windows.  Cats and smaller dogs can slip via childproof window guards, so it is crucial to figure out that these do not deliver satisfactory safety.”

Continue to keep in intellect that some cats could try to scratch their way via a display (particularly if there’s a squirrel or a chicken on the other facet!)  Cats also could possibly be capable to push as a result of the display with just their entire body bodyweight, no matter whether they’re doing it intentionally or by incident. You should really cat evidence your windows for equally.  You can double up or exchange your current window screens with large mesh screens.  These can be slice to in good shape into your window body.

BEWARE!  Occasionally screens can be marketed as pet evidence or cat proof screens, but they basically only defend from scratching and problems by your cat instead than efficiently holding your cat from receiving out.  Make guaranteed you are receiving screening that is sturdy plenty of to maintain the cat within, not just to guard your

cat proof screensHere’s monitor substance on Amazon which is described as:

  • 40% more powerful than common fiberglass display screen
  • Fantastic for massive windows, doorways and other large utilization locations that need added protection in opposition to energetic animals and youthful small children
  • Quick to set up

This is display screen substance to replace your present screens.  Observe it claims, “protection versus active pets,” not that it retains animals inside.  But it is much better than standard fiberglass screens.

pet safe window screensIf you want a little something to deal with your present screens instead, glimpse at this one particular on Amazon.  I believe this is the one particular I’m heading to consider simply because I rent, and simply because I can eliminate these for the duration of winter.  Additionally, I like the plan that it goes more than the current screens – double security!

You may want to go to your regional components retailer to precisely request for screens that are strong more than enough to hold cats within.

Cats Scratching Screens

How to Hold Your Cat Indoors

One particular of the approaches you can discourage your cat from striving to escape as a result of a display screen is by doing all you can to make them joyful and written content being indoors. If cats are obtaining more than enough workout and mental stimulation indoors, they’ll be a lot less very likely to try out to get out.  For various strategies on ways to do this, read through my report, How to Retain Indoor Cats Joyful.

catioIf Your Cat is However Trying to Get Out

If you struggle every single spring and summer season with your cat trying to possibly scratch or thrust by a window screen or consistently bolting for the doorway, you may well take into account developing an out of doors space designated for your cat like a catio.  Catios are turning out to be extra well known because it is a way to enable your cat to encounter getting exterior, securely.  You can master a lot more about catios by viewing CatioSpaces.  I advise studying their post, Choosing the Most effective Form of Catio for Your Residence.  If you buy a catio from CatioSpaces, I’ll receive a tiny fee if you use advertising code, PeopleLovingAnimals.  You can also see a wide range of catios on Amazon

I suggest observing Jackson Galaxy’s video, What is a Catio? for tons of guidelines and details about working with a catio, safety and generating the catio fun for your cat.

A Couple Catio Basic safety Strategies

Make confident the catio is constructed appropriately, particularly if you are earning it oneself.  Really don’t go away your cat unattended for prolonged periods of time in the catio so as not to expose them to rain, abnormal warmth or cold, or wind.  The catio must be crafted to retain your cat safe and sound from predators like neighborhood puppies, coyotes or other cats.  If your cat wears a collar, make sure it is a breakaway collar to reduce the collar from acquiring snagged in the catio.  You might want to actually established an alarm whenever you set your cat in the catio so you do not forget about they are out there!

Your Cat’s Safety is Significant

I personally would be devastated if my cat, Whiskers (that is him in the pic) escaped via a display screen and was missing, hurt, or killed.  I are inclined to fret a little bit way too significantly about my animals sometimes, but I feel in this scenario, it is sensible to err on the side of warning when it comes to this concern.  Especially if you reside in a two-tale household or a significant-increase setting up.  Cats have fallen out of home windows.  We have to make absolutely sure they’re harmless!  I hope this posting has aided.

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