May 30, 2023


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California’s 2022 Emotional Support Animal Laws

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September of 2021 proved to be a crucial thirty day period for emotional guidance animal house owners, ESA suppliers, as effectively as accredited specialists. This is when the California Governor, Gavin Newsom, signed a new invoice pertaining to the ESA legal guidelines in California. With this write-up, we will wander by the modifications and make clear all the specs of these new California emotional aid animal rules that arrived into use on 1st January 2022.

What Are the New Emotional Aid Animal Legislation in California?

The new California emotional guidance animal guidelines have been established up for the adhering to explanations:

  • Businesses increased the fraudulent marketing of ESAs and misrepresented them as support animals,
  • Climbing number of sale of deceptive certificates, vests, tags, identification cards and documents that misrepresent ESAs as support animals
  • To clarify that an ESA is not a provider animal nor do they get pleasure from the very same kind of legal rights and privileges

Prior to we get into the aspects of the new ESA guidelines, let us briefly talk about the change between a company pet dog and an emotional guidance animal.

As for every the ADA’s definition,

“Service animals are described as canine that are independently experienced to do perform or carry out duties for individuals with disabilities.”

Company animals can be handy for clients with actual physical or mental disabilities. This is why, these animals are not categorized as animals.

On the other hand, psychological guidance animals are pets that provide emotional assistance to their proprietors who put up with from a disabling psychological ailment these types of as melancholy or anxiousness. These animals do not go under any teaching to support their operator to accomplish any every day tasks which is the situation with services animals. With the standard variation in between the two cleared out, let us comprehend the most current changes in the California ESA guidelines.

What Do the New 2022 ESA Legal guidelines in California Involve?

ESA Laws in California 2022

The new psychological help animal laws in California are sponsored by the ‘Guide Pet dogs for the Blind’ and ‘Canine Companions for Independence’. The new legislation launched for ESAs have three important elements. Two pertain to the businesses working in the sale of emotional aid animals, and associated equipment although the latter deals with health care professionals that situation ESA letters. Let us get into the aspects of every of these three areas.

ESA Sales Recognize

The initial legislation focuses on the companies that sell psychological help animals to consumers. At the time of this sale, these enterprises ought to deliver a observe to the consumer that states the pursuing:

  • It has not been educated to help the everyday tasks of a bodily or mentally handicapped/disabled individual.
  • The animal does not share the privileges of a support animal and the same legal guidelines do not use to these groups.
  • If the buyer fraudulently provides them selves as the proprietor or trainer or a tutorial of a provider or sign pet dog, they will be subjected to a misdemeanor violation.

ESA Paraphernalia Product sales Notice

The next regulation focuses on the firms that sell or give ESA accessories, like tags, identification playing cards, vests, leashes, harnesses and certificates. These enterprises will have to present a discover to all customers stating the pursuing:

  • The accent purchased does not give emotional assist animals the same privileges as a services/information or signal canine.
  • Purposeful misrepresentation by a human being as the owner or coach of a services/manual or signal pet dog is regarded as a misdemeanor violation.

Specifications for Health care Professionals Issuing an ESA Letter

The 3rd law focuses on health care specialists that offer an ESA letter to clients who may possibly require an psychological assistance animal to aid their affliction. These health care professionals have to comply with the adhering to requirements:

  • The practitioner will have to have a legitimate license with the subsequent aspects: the license quantity, productive date, jurisdiction and form of license they have.
  • The practitioner have to have the license to present companies in the certain jurisdiction.
  • The practitioner need to build a 30 working day partnership with the patient ahead of approving their requires for an emotional support animal.
  • The ESA letter ought to only be furnished following rigorous scientific analysis of the individual.
  • The practitioner must also supply a notice to the individual stating that the purposeful misrepresentation of the individual as the proprietor or trainer of a services, manual or signal puppy is punishable by law.

Penalties for Violation of the New 2022 ESA Regulations

Violations of any of these clearly mentioned provisions under the new law are subjected to penalties of $500 for the initially violation, $1000 for the next and $2,500 for the third or subsequent violations.

The new law has not led to any changes in the rights and privileges enjoyed by ESA proprietors. On the contrary, the legislation has been produced to evidently recognize and distinguish in between the rights and privileges of ESA and support animals.

To give you a lot more clarity, let us discuss the current ESA laws that have not skilled any alterations since the bill was signed.

What Are the Present ESA Rules in California?

Below are some of the present ESA legislation in California:

California Housing Laws

As for each the Good Housing Act and HUD tips, landlords cannot discriminate against tenants with psychological disabilities. These landlords ought to accommodate the psychological assist animals even when they do not allow animals in the making. However, a landlord can refuse to deliver shelter to these types of a duo if the animal in question can be harmful or a danger to the protection of others.

California Work Laws

One more legislation below California’s Truthful Work and Housing Act, employers simply cannot discriminate in opposition to an worker on the basis of their incapacity or the psychological aid animal. However, for these an exception, the employee must have a valid ESA letter.

California ESA Journey Regulations

The air vacation rules for ESAs changed considerably right before the new laws were being introduced. As for each the Air Carrier Entry Act (ACAA), travellers should carry their ESAs in a pet harmless provider and may well not experience in the cabin with you.

General public Transportation Legislation

ESAs are not constantly allowed to pay a visit to public locations like dining establishments or use general public transportation like trains and buses. On the other hand, support puppies do enjoy this privilege.


The new California emotional help animal regulation is a step taken to explain the legal rights of ESA entrepreneurs as effectively as regulate the fraudulent pursuits by businesses. It’s in no way intended to consider away the rights of legit psychological support animals. Nevertheless, it is a conscious phase taken to stay away from the destructive light-weight thrown on ESAs by unlawful owners and other fraudulent functions. To keep away from any feasible lawful altercation, you ought to get an ESA letter from legit and trustworthy expert services only. My ESA Doctor delivers on the net consultations and can help you dwell with your ESA as for each the California psychological support animal guidelines.