June 7, 2023


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Boerboels for Sale: Learn More About Their Behavior

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Suppose you wish to find a dog breed that has genetic predisposition to protect and guard your family and household. In that case, you should get South African Mastiff or Boerboel while being loveable and enjoying for both animals and family members.

They are both powerful and large dogs, making them the most significant and one of the most intelligent dogs breeds you can find globally.

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Another important consideration is that AKC or the American Kennel Club recognized it in 2015. They come with square and broad heads and powerful appearances with muscular bodies and strong shoulders and necks.

Eye colors can range in different shades, while most feature V-shaped ears, which is an important consideration to remember. Their coats come in red, cream, brown, and brindle markings. 

Compared with other Mastiff breeds, they are highly energetic and agile.


Even though they come with a robust appearance and colossal size, they are friendly, affectionate, and playful. Therefore, they feature personality and temperament, which are perfect for a family household.

Remember that they share significant love with their families and they can be highly protective of them. It is essential to understand that they have instincts as guard dogs to protect their territory and family.

Therefore, they will form a solid bond with all family members and be highly affectionate towards them. You could rest assured because they will get along with other pets significantly if they grew together.

However, you should avoid bringing male canines in your family if you have adult Boerboel.


When it comes to unfamiliar animals and people, they may show aggressive behavior, which is vital to remember. They do not trust strangers as other breeds, making them perfect for protecting both people and property.

Since they were used to protect households against wild animals, they feature high alert of intruders and strangers, especially in their territories. 

As a result, if an unfamiliar visitor or other pet is present, you must introduce them properly, which will prevent aggressive behavior in the future. You should check out more about Boerboels for sale, to understand how to choose the best one for your needs.

You should know they require plenty of exercises to ensure they are fit and lean. They can quickly become obese, which is why you should implement a healthy diet that will feature all required nutrients along the way.

Since they feature high muscle mass, it is vital to develop regular exercise to prevent them from being obese and overweight. Besides, you should participate in various sports, including agility and obedience, to keep behavior stimulated.


Similarly, as mentioned above, they are reliable and trustworthy companions, while you can also expect a confident and fearless dog that will lay its life for you. 

They are highly protective of their territories and families, while they will not accept strangers from entering their areas without a proper introduction.

At the same time, they do not like other dogs being dominant because they see themselves as leaders. Still, you must present yourself as a strong person with firmness, which will allow your dog to see you as the leader of a pack.

They enjoy human company and are more likely to spend most of their time with you. If you decide to leave them alone, they can be destructive, develop separation anxiety and boredom. Therefore, we do not recommend you to leave them alone for a long time.


When it comes to training, you should know that the task is highly challenging compared with other breeds. Therefore, you must establish yourself as a leader and dominant figure in their lives and perspectives.

Inexperienced owners will not handle them, which is why you should avoid them until you gain enough knowledge and experience with other breeds. 

Check out this website: https://www.healthline.com/health/dog-breeds-and-health-issues to understand potential health issues that can happen to South African Mastiff breed. 

Remember that it is vital to develop solid leadership with dominant and confident behavior. Since they are guard dogs, they can show aggression towards people and animals they do not know, leading to severe problems.

Therefore, you should adopt training that will prevent this behavior by socializing it from an early age and dealing with obedience and command training.