December 3, 2022


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Arizona Rescue Team Saves Drowning Kitten From 20-Foot Storm Drain

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The Arizona Humane Society’s Emergency Animal Healthcare Technicians are an integral aspect of the shelter’s rescue application. Their work is to respond to reports from local community customers of injured stray animals or likely abuse conditions. In 2021 on your own, the EAMT crew participated in the rescue of above 6,000 animals who had endured harm, abuse, or neglect.

When these rescued animals demand clinical treatment, they are transferred to the Arizona Humane Society’s trauma reaction medical center, where by they keep on being till they are properly adequate to be set up for adoption. These was the scenario for a very small rescue kitten named Augustus Gloop.


Arizona’s EAMTs responded to reports of a kitten caught inside of a twenty-foot storm drain. The kitten, who was just ten months previous at the time of rescue, was performing his greatest to tread the soaring stormwater. Fearful, cold, and soaked to the bones, Augustus screamed his very little lungs out for assistance.

When the EAMTs arrived on the scene, they were disheartened to learn that the tools they experienced out there were not forceful more than enough to take away the drain address. They identified as the neighborhood fireplace office for help, all the when maintaining their eyes on the small kitten to guarantee he was in a position to retain his head higher than water.

“Having to act swiftly, they adopted his cries to find him but discovered he was in a section of the drain that they ended up not able to open up with the resources they had,” mentioned the Arizona Humane Society


The good thing is for Augustus, the nearby fireplace section arrived swiftly with a hydraulic software in tow that would be highly effective ample to eliminate the bolts on the drain go over. Once the bolts had been loosened and the protect eliminated, the EAMTs lowered themselves into the drain and collected the little, moist kitten.

Properly in the arms of EAMT Julie Bolchalk, Augustus was wrapped in a warm blanket and immediately transported to the closest trauma hospital. Medical doctors decided that Augustus was suffering from hypothermia, a ailment prompted by dangerously reduced system temperatures. They also discovered that his nails had been torn and bloody, probably induced by his determined tries to climb out of the storm drain.


Augustus stayed in the healthcare facility for numerous days until he was effectively ample to be transported to a foster household. His new foster mother reports that he is executing good. He is a hearty eater and has bonded properly with the foster’s very own pets.

The moment he will get a little bit greater and stronger, Augustus will be available for adoption, and the look for will start for his eternally property. With this sort of a miraculous tale of survival powering him, there is no doubt in my intellect that Augustus is destined for a outstanding upcoming.

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