June 7, 2023


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Are Abyssinian Cats Good for Apartments?

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Abyssinian cats are one of the most popular breeds in the world and for good reason. They are generally healthy and easy to care for, making them a perfect pet for an apartment-dweller. Abyssinians are playful but also love to relax on a lap or in a sunny spot; they get along well with people of all ages and make great companions. 


One downside to owning an Abyssinian is that they require plenty of grooming; weekly brushing at least is recommended. Their short hair can easily become matted, so it’s important to keep up with regular brushing – especially if your cat likes to lounge around outside (which they often do!). 


Another thing worth noting about Abyssinians is their vocal nature; these cats definitely like to talk! So if you’re not someone who enjoys lots of noise 24/7, then an Aby might not be the best choice for you. But overall, I think these felines make wonderful pets for those living in apartments – as long as you have enough time each week commit to some quality brush time! 


Is it Cruel to Keep a Cat in an Apartment? 

There is no easy answer when it comes to the question of whether or not it’s cruel to keep a cat in an apartment. The truth is, there are pros and cons on both sides of this argument that deserve careful consideration before making a decision. Ultimately, the decision must come down to what’s best for the individual cat and their specific living situation. 

Some people may feel that keeping cats cooped up indoors all day long is cruel, as they are natural hunters who need plenty of exercises and outdoor time to be happy and healthy. However, others might say that apartments provide kitties with everything they need – food, water, warmth, litter boxes – so they don’t have anything to complain about.


Plus, many landlords forbid tenants from having pets outside of certain breeds (or prohibit pets altogether), so indoor-only kitties can be the only option for some people. There are also myriad risks associated with letting cats roam free outdoors unsupervised; cars injure or kill them daily nationwide. 

Are Abyssinian cats indoor or outdoor cats? 

It depends on the individual cat and it owner’s preference. Some Abyssinian owners choose to keep their cats exclusively indoors, while others allow them limited access to the outdoors. Ultimately, whether an Abyssinian is an indoor or outdoor cat comes down to what works best for both the cat and the owner. 

Abyssinians are bred as domestic house pets and they typically adapt well to living inside. They are active cats that enjoy playing and exploring so most people find that keeping them indoors is a good way to provide appropriate stimulation and exercise. Additionally, with regular vet check-ups, routine vaccinations/worming/flea treatments, etc., keeping an Abyssinian indoors can help protect them from potential dangers outside like other animals (including cars), harsh weather conditions, and parasites/diseases carried by wild creatures. 

On the other hand, some Abyssinian owners feel that allowing their occasional access outdoors is important for their physical & mental well-being – providing an opportunity for fresh air & sunlight exposure; chasing bugs or rodents; observing wildlife, etc. For these people, setting up a safe backyard space – enclosed by a fence with plenty of shady areas & places. 

Abyssinian cats are gorgeous and intellectual, but they are not the cheapest option available. You must be willing to pay the correct rate. This entails doing some research on Abyssinian cats for sale in your area and verifying the average prices. The one you choose should be within the same price range.