June 3, 2023


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Antioch hummingbird lover gets too involved with the birds

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Pricey JOAN: Does a mama hummingbird vanish when her babies die?

I experienced a hummingbird nest, and I was fostering the child at nights, placing him again out in the morning for mama to feed. I did this for seven times. It was gorgeous to see.

I have two canines exterior and plenty of feral cats in our group. This is why I was placing the little one indoors for his basic safety. He stored slipping off the tree. A single afternoon I saw him testing his wings yet again, and he flew correct over my pet dog, who caught him in the air. You can envision the success of that. Heart breaking.

So two months later on, one more hummingbird created a nest on the tree future to the initial a single. I refuse to believe it is the exact hummingbird. They never search the identical, but I want to learn a improved method to help the child have a prosperous result. Any strategies?

Rocio, Antioch

Expensive ROCIO: Even though I respect and comprehend your want to give little one hummingbirds the most effective possibility at whole, extended lives, obtaining too associated with mother nature is not a excellent detail to do in the very long run.

Let’s commence with some of the misconceptions numerous of us have about little one birds — completely wrong tips that can direct to pointless “rescues.”

When child hummingbirds are about two weeks outdated, their mother stops sitting on the nest, which can lead some to think she has abandoned them. She hasn’t. There just is not plenty of area in the nest for her, and she watches from nearby, completely ready to tend to her infants and ward off predators.

She will fly in consistently to feed them, then retreat to the background. The feeding is generally so quick that folks skip it and think the babies are starving.

A further misconception is that a newborn hen on the ground is in need to have of rescue. It may be, but it could just be finding out how to fly. Like me when I was discovering to ski, they have a tendency to shell out a good deal of time on the ground.

They are at possibility from predators, but their dad and mom are holding an eye on them and will do all they can to shield them. Some can even carry the toddlers back again into the nest, if will need be.

If you uncover a youthful feathered hen on the ground, just keep back and look at. You can assist defend the hen by maintaining other animals away, but usually, wait and see what occurs. The exception is wounded birds or babies that are naked and by yourself. They may need a hand back into the nest or a trip to a wildlife or hen rescue.