June 5, 2023


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Animal Wrangler Coaxes Perfect Screen Performances From Her Pets

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Animals are much more than just companions — at times they are also professions.

Bozena Bienkowska has labored as an “animal wrangler” for 20 decades, following working as an equine behaviorist for the BBC.

She at this time has 22 Andalusian horses, which are utilised in films due to their attractiveness and nature. Bienkowska also breeds poodle-cross dogs, which show up in videos. She has even coaxed fantastic screen performances from her pets, which include a raven and a wolf-hybrid.

A the latest manufacturing she worked on was “Man & Witch,” a film sequel to “The NeverEnding Tale” collection.

Animal wrangler Bozena Bienkowska
Animal wrangler Bozena Bienkowska coaxes great performances from her pets, together with a raven and wolf-hybrid, to star in movies and on Tv set.
Katielee Arrowsmith/Zenger

Bienkowska, from Glasgow, Scotland, has worked on everything from commercials for the smooth consume Irn Bru to the British children’s Tv channel CBeebies to films starring Colin Firth, who she mentioned loves animals.

Her wolf-hybrid Kali appeared in “Wuthering Heights” as a pet belonging to Heathcliffe’s adoptive brother’s son.

“I have not still occur throughout an animal that I you should not get on with,” she stated. “I will not rush up to pet dogs in the avenue and pet them, it’s so disrespectful to the animal. I really don’t tactic them till they technique me.

“My work is to be delighted and peaceful. I have to keep in a really calm location. I can soar as a result of hoops, but I cannot change character. In some cases, I have to say, ‘I know you want this, but it can not happen.'”

Between her eclectic assortment of animals are a raven named Riot and poodle Zeus, She also keeps Maine coon cats and her horse, Premarosa.

Animal trainer Bozena Bienkowska
Animal trainer Bozena Bienkowska with Premarosa, a 9-calendar year-aged horse Kail, a 12-yr-outdated wolf and Zeus, her 11-yr-outdated poodle.
Katielee Arrowsmith/Zenger

Bienkowska claimed goats are the most straightforward to function with, as they are inspired by foodstuff.

“I breed the dogs I use on movie sets,” she stated. “Poodles are very intelligent. I experienced a doggy known as Truffles, who labored with Colin Firth. She was awesome — she cherished remaining on established and on site.

“My position is building confident the animal is satisfied in its pores and skin. You get questioned if you can get a doggy to soar up and wag its tail. Animals want a person to observe they want to be risk-free.

“There are so numerous degrees of intelligence — it’s not just cerebral, it truly is all the things.”

Portion of her position contains bringing in professionals, these kinds of as eagle therapists, to function with animals she is just not common with. Bienkowska also acts as a go-amongst with the assistant director, who keeps the generation managing easily.

A further of her wolf-hybrids was named Shakespeare. She mentioned wolves are extra like cats than pet dogs. “Wolves are magical.”

In spite of working with actors these types of as Gerard Butler, she mentioned CBeebies was her beloved occupation, crediting the staff of “incredible men and women.”

The veteran coach thinks the intelligence of animals is greatly underestimated.

“Some things you have to teach, most things you do not.

“They are a lot much more able than people today think. Folks feel of them like small children, but they are not. Animals are exceptional in their possess correct, and they have their personal intelligence.”

Animal trainer Bozena Bienkowska
Animal trainer Bozena Bienkowska with Riot, the 11-month-aged raven, and Maine coon cats Esme and Jasmine. “My work is building guaranteed the animal is delighted in its pores and skin.”
Katielee Arrowsmith/Zenger

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