June 3, 2023


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A Trend That’s Enticing To Some And Appalling To Others

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One particular of the most effective sections about pet parenting is the incredible sum of really like our furry ideal friends so freely give us. Nothing at all feels superior than coming household from a prolonged, challenging working day to tails wagging and butts wiggling. 

That is 1 of the motives that “pet bling” has caught on as a latest development. Our pets necessarily mean so substantially to us that for some pet parents bestowing bling on their beloved very best good friends is a way they are exhibiting their like. 

Man touching forehead of dog

1 case in point of this is Flex the Frenchie. After her dad and mom, Shae and Pat, spotted some pet jewelry on Instagram, they knew they preferred to gift them to their beloved pup. 

For her first piece, Flex’s mother and dad gave her a smaller pendant with her birthstone on it. A lovely blue topaz pendant now hangs from her collar. 

“She can never ever have adequate bling. A ton of persons compliment and ask me exactly where I got it from,” suggests Shae.

Flex and Mom

Flex has also been bestowed with a silver, heart-formed name tag, and the following present she will get is a sparkly however dear diamond pendant. Collectively, both of her “Richie Paws” parts (her blue topaz pendant and silver name tag) expense her mother $200, a selling price Shae suggests is a worthwhile cost. 

“I really don’t see it as an costly expense thinking about aluminum canine tags have to be replaced every pair of months,” suggests Shae.

Frenchie wearing jewelry

A Image Of Enormous Adore For Their Best Buddy

Richie Paws’ founder Daniel Haddon suggests he was encouraged to get started his pet jewellery business enterprise immediately after investing in a customized luxury identify tag for his Cavoodle, Penelope. He understood this was a somewhat untapped market and preferred to give other pet parents an simpler prospect to exhibit their love for their pets.

“I needed to give her some thing valuable and valuable, and I considered other people could possibly want this luxury also. I would get a bullet for my pet, she is my kid.”

Dog with dad

Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

Though some pet dad and mom view their generous gifts as a reflection of their enormous really like for their furry ideal buddies, other people see the trend as a way for homeowners to deal with their emotions.

“They’re not technically getting it for their animals. It is for themselves. It is an emotional acquire. When persons really do not know what to do with discretionary money, they say ‘How can I fix my existential angst through buying,’”says Paul Harrison, the chair of Shopper Affairs at Deakin University.

Pet Jewelry

A token for after they cross the rainbow bridge

Daniel Haddon understands that expending hundreds or even 1000’s of pounds on pet jewelry could not charm to all people but suggests that these jewelry parts can provide as mementos soon after our precious pups are no more time bodily by our sides.

“Even when Penelope is gone I might flip her jewelry into a necklace. The piece becomes a memento,” clarifies Daniel.

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What are your views on obtaining pet bling? Could you see your self bestowing jewellery on your beloved pet? We’d appreciate to hear what you think in the reviews.

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