June 3, 2023


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6 unusual animals that make great pets for kids

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If you are a dad or mum with a child who enjoys animals, you are possible thinking of which pet will fit ideal into your household.

Even though puppies and cats are by much the most preferred, you may well be looking for a much more small-routine maintenance, unconventional pet. Although not as common, unique animals can even now make terrific companions for your young children.

Exotic animals are some of the most attractive and one of a kind species, but specified species are superior than some others when it comes to younger keepers.

When thinking about which species you want, you also have to consider of the community exotic pet legislation.

Several exotic species have to have some form of licence to purchase in Malaysia when others are outright banned. Even though this can restrict your solutions, there is nonetheless a huge variety of child-friendly, unique animals offered.

1. Leopard Gecko

Leopard Geckos are just one of the finest reptiles for young ones and they are also quickly available for acquire. These geckos are really docile and easily taken care of even by little little ones.

Though this species is native to the arid Middle East, Malaysia has wonderful temperatures for these geckos and they won’t require a whole lot of time or funds.

Their care is fairly effortless when you set the accurate temperatures and humidit.Their diet program is made up predominantly of compact insects like crickets, roaches or mealworms.

Leopard Geckos are one of the legal species that really do not want a particular allow to have.

2. Ball Python

If lizards are not what you are looking for, snakes are a terrific abnormal pet.

Ball Pythons are also a person of the most common pet species that are wonderful with young children. This species is relaxed, simply dealt with and almost never aggressive.

If they do truly feel threatened, they will usually opt for to cover and ball by themselves up as a substitute of bite.

Their treatment requirements are quick, and only have to have to be fed extremely occasionally. This is great for young ones because they even now get the responsibility of a pet, but it isn’t as concerned as obtaining a pet dog or cat.

Ball Pythons also have lots of appealing shades and patterns that are fascinating to search at for adults and children alike.

They are a reasonably big snake, achieving involving 3-6 ft (.9m to 1.8m) long.

A licence is needed to own this species.

3. Corn Snake

The Corn Snake is a low-maintenance pet. Photo: 123rf.comThe Corn Snake is a lower-upkeep pet. Image: 123rf.com

If you have your coronary heart established on a snake but really don’t want some thing that will get as huge as a Ball Python, a Corn Snake is a good alternative.

Just like Ball Pythons, they have small treatment demands and really don’t need to have to be fed frequently as grownups.

They are quite docile and great for little ones to deal with.

As for restrictions, you do not require a distinctive exotic pet licence to very own a Corn Snake. This makes them considerably a lot easier to obtain and obtain in pet shops than Ball Pythons.

4. Bearded Dragon

The Bearded Dragon will happily spend time with and be handled by their owners. Photo: The Star/FilepicThe Bearded Dragon will fortunately devote time with and be taken care of by their homeowners. Picture: The Star/Filepic

The Bearded Dragon is a further lizard that is incredibly popular with newbie keepers.

They are normally incredibly personable and will happily expend time with and be dealt with by their proprietors. This is wonderful for young children who want to interact with their pet often.

Their very simple husbandry and diet regime of insects, veggies and fruits signify that their treatment requires are inexpensive and quick.

Significant males of this species have been regarded to be aggressive through breeding season, so a lot of keepers with youthful children choose woman Beardies around males.

Yet another gain of this species is that they do not need a exclusive licence to personal.

5. Western Hognose

This is a snake species that is well known with novices. When they are feistier than Corn Snakes and Ball Pythons, they are all bark and no chunk.

With consistent dealing with, they can be extremely docile and are regarded for hardly ever biting as a defence mechanism. Rather, they will choose to attempt to scare you away and even enjoy useless when pressured or threatened.

At the time tamed down, this species is relatively little, hardy and ideal for young keepers. Because they are small in sizing, only achieving about 3 feet in length, they will not involve as big an enclosure as some of the other species on this record.

Their husbandry is simple and just like the other snakes on this checklist, their diet regime is easy and very low maintenance. It is beloved by quite a few keepers. Trying to keep this species does not require any specific permit.

6. White’s Tree Frog

If reptiles are not your matter, amphibians also make wonderful unusual animals for youngsters.

The White’s Tree Frog is one particular of the very best frog options for newbie keepers as they are significant, beautiful and extremely simply dealt with.

Due to the fact they are deemed “lazy”, they are effortlessly caught within their enclosure and quite laid-back again when it arrives to handling.

Even though amphibians have higher humidity needs, Malaysia is in fact the excellent surroundings to retain these frogs although they will however call for extremely particular temperature and humidity.

These frogs are reduced routine maintenance, and you will not have to have a licence to retain this species.


If you ended up unsure that an uncommon pet was proper for your domestic, we hope this posting gave you some insight on what you can hope from exotic animals. Though this sort of animals may be less nicely-identified, they can continue to be a wonderful addition to the spouse and children and be the new, reduced-maintenance very best buddy that your youngster desires.

Not only are these species excellent for little ones, they are also commonly obtainable and lawful to own. Now the only selection you have remaining to make is which 1 will you be bringing home.