December 9, 2022


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5 Benefits of Biothane Collars for Dogs and Cats

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Your pet’s collar is not only a fashion statement, but it also plays an important role in their safety. Collars are used to carry identification, secure with leashes or tie-outs, and improve visibility in low-light among other tasks. In this guide, we’re going to look specifically at the use and benefits of Biothane collars for both dogs and cats.


What is Biothane?

The term ‘Biothane’ is generally used to refer to collars, harnesses, and leashes made from a polyester webbing coated with PVC or TPU.

The nylon-coated design makes it easy to clean, waterproof, and resistant to unwanted smells.

However, most pet owners don’t realize that ‘Biothane’ comes from the brand name of one specific webbing-style material. The company is Biothane Coated Webbing Corp., based out of Ohio.

Today, the term is often applied to any product made from nylon-coated webbing.

Biothane is available in a wide variety of colors ranging from classic neutrals to bold neon. The collars, harnesses, and leashes can be accented with different styles of hardware, the addition of decorative studs, or engraving into the material itself.

The material is created both with a high-gloss and a no-gloss option, offering a matte appearance.

A quick search reveals there are hundreds of companies and creators working with this material both locally and around the world.

Whether you are looking for a ready-made collar in a specific color or a custom Biothane color to match your pet’s personality, the options are endless!

two biothane collars sitting on a stump | 5 Benefits of Biothane Collars for Dogs and Cats
Photo Credit: KittyCatGO

Vegan Alternative to Leather

One of the reasons that Biothane has grown so quickly in popularity is the fact that some colors closely resemble the appearance of leather.

This makes it a great option for those that are searching for a vegan alternative.

Not only does it look similar, but it’s easier to care for. It is truly the best of both worlds – leather collars and durable, waterproof solutions.

Is Biothane Safe for Dogs and Cats?

There is always a concern among pet parents when introducing a man-made product into the lives of their pets, especially something they are constantly exposed to like their collars.

The good news is that Biothane is 100% non-toxic.

In fact, it is safer than many collar alternatives. With a smooth, flexible surface to the collar, it doesn’t pull at your pet’s fur or scratch sensitive skin.

Plus, the fact that it dries so quickly prevents rashes, infections, and irritation.

black dog sitting outside on leash | 5 Benefits of Biothane Collars for Dogs and Cats
Indiana wearing his collar and leash from Birch Tree Creations

Types of Biothane Collars

Traditional Biothane Dog Collar

The most common type of dog collar is the standard or flat Biothane dog collar.

With a simple design, these collars circle the dog’s neck while closing either with a clasp or buckle. They also feature a D-ring for attaching identification tags or leashes.

A traditional collar is a great option for day-to-day wear, but it shouldn’t be used for walking dogs that pull.

Biothane Martingale Collar

A Biothane martingale collar looks like a flat collar from the front, but there is a loop of Biothane or chain at the back. If your dog tries to slip out, this tightens the collar and prevents escape.

Originally, this style of collar is very popular with breeds like Greyhounds and Whippets.

These dogs have slim heads, meaning that a collar that is fit to their neck will often slip easily over their heads if they try to back out.

However, in recent years they are growing in popularity for rescue groups and anyone that is seeking a little extra security when taking their dog out on leash.

Biothane Slip Lead

While a slip lead isn’t usually viewed as a collar, it does combine a collar and leash in one product.

On one end of the leash is a loop that slips around your dog’s neck. They are adjusted easily, making them a popular choice for rescues, groomers, trainers, and veterinarians.

While they are a flexible option, a Biothane slip lead is not a good choice for dogs that pull on the leash excessively without proper training.

As the dog pulls, the collar portion will tighten and can cause serious damage.

Biothane Dog Harness

For dog parents that prefer the use of a harness to a collar, you can also purchase a Biothane dog harness.

These harnesses offer all the security that a nylon harness provides while also allowing you to enjoy the benefits of Biothane collars that make them so popular.

They are available in a variety of styles including step-in harnesses, front clip harnesses, back clip harnesses, and dual clip harnesses.

This means there is an option for every dog and lifestyle.  

Biothane Cat Collar

Many cat collars are made with a safety buckle or breakaway buckle, and this is also an option when shopping for a Biothane cat collar!

But why do you need a breakaway buckle?

Cats are adventurous animals that like climbing up trees, along ledges, or over shelving.

If their collars were to get snagged, it can create a dangerous situation, putting your cat at risk of injury or strangulation.

Breakaway buckles are designed to unclasp if they are tugged with enough force.

two cats wearing biothane collars | 5 Benefits of Biothane Collars for Dogs and Cats
Pippen and Jinx wearing their Biothane Collars from KittyCatGO

Check Out These Benefits of Biothane Collars for Your Pet

Waterproof and Easy to Clean

If you have a dog that loves playing in the mud like our crazy crew, this is a major benefit!

The coated design of a Biothane collar allows it to rinse quickly and easily, freeing it from any dirt, grime, and muck.

It’s a great option for those that enjoy spending time exploring the outdoors, both camping and hiking.

After all, who wants to spend all their free time washing their pet’s collars, harnesses, and leashes after every big adventure? We sure don’t!

Every so often, we disinfect our collars using a mixture of 1 part bleach to 9 parts water to remove any lingering grime.


Whether you have a dog that just rolled in something stinky or a cat that has spent a little too much time in a litter box, your pet’s collar can pick up a lot of unwelcome smells throughout the day.

Smells that you likely aren’t looking forward to snuggling up with any time soon.  

One of the big benefits of Biothane collars is that they don’t hold onto any odors, regardless of what your pet has gotten into.  

Long-Lasting Durability

If you’ve ever purchased a collar that you absolutely LOVED, then you know the frustration when that collar eventually wears out.

Nylon collars fade, cloth collars rip, and leather collars break down if they frequently get wet.

The coated webbing of a Biothane collar is waterproof and able to take a beating! They even stand up well to dogs that like to grab onto their leash in excitement at walk time.

This means that Biothane dog leads and collars are an investment that is going to hold up well year after year.  


Does your dog or cat enjoy swimming? Do you have a pet that enjoys getting out on the water canoeing or kayaking?

If so, then you are likely familiar with how long it can take for a collar to dry.

One of the biggest benefits of Biothane collars is the fact that they are waterproof, meaning that water is no longer a problem!

Safer and More Hygienic

When selecting a collar for our pets, we don’t often stop to consider how hygienic they are over time.

Collars that are made from materials like nylon don’t just hold onto dirt, they can also hold onto undesirable things like bacteria, algae, or fungus.

Worse still, the location of the collar puts these nasty germs right near your dog’s face.

The waterproof nature of Biothane material means that the collar is easily cleaned, keeping it sanitary and safe for your pet.

Another safety benefit is the risk of a wet collar against your pet’s neck over time. It can not only cause irritation but lead to a nasty infection, hot spot, or skin condition.

By quickly drying, Biothane collars prevent this from being a problem and protect your pet.

brown dog sitting outside on leash | 5 Benefits of Biothane Collars for Dogs and Cats
Daviana wearing her collar and leash from Birch Tree Creations

How to Check if Your Pet Collar is Genuine Biothane

Anytime a quality product gains popularity, there are always those that create cheap knockoffs in the hope of profiting from the hype.

Unfortunately, this is no exception.

These collars are made from cheaper and less durable materials, cutting down on production costs and increasing profit.

PVC and lead collars are generally stiffer and less flexible than genuine Biothane. They are easier to spot as there is a noticeable difference in the quality of the collar when handling it.

Rubber collars are sometimes marketed as Biothane.

To identify if a collar is made of rubber, look at the edges or inside the buckle holes. With genuine Biothane, you will see the edge of the webbing center.  

three dogs sitting outside beside a river pin | 5 Benefits of Biothane Collars for Dogs and Cats

Where to Purchase a Biothane Collar or Leash

Each of our dogs has a traditional Biothane collar and matching convertible leash in their own custom colors from Birch Tree Creations.

As for our cats, they each have a custom Biothane cat collar with their names engraved from KittyCatGO. You can take 10% off your order by using my discount code: ‘SHEDHAPPENS10’.

Both brands make high-quality products that we proudly stand behind and recommend!

What style of collars (or harnesses) do you use with your pets? Have you tried Biothane? Let me know in the comments!